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The Photographs at the Duchess of Devonshire's 2 July 1897 Fancy-dress Ball[edit | edit source]

People Wanted Portraits of Themselves in Their Costumes[edit | edit source]

According to Russell Harris, the Duke of Devonshire invited Lafayette "to set up a tent in the garden behind the house to photograph the guests in costume during the Ball."[1] Lafayette was the firm both founded and directed by James Stack Lauder and what Lauder himself was called: that is, M. Lafayette.

In an interview with St James's Budget the following year Mr. Lafayette, acknowledging that he had been kept very busy since he opened a studio in London, described how he photographed the guests at the Devonshire House Ball: "I created a temporary studio in the garden, with a powerful installation of electric light; and though it may sound immodest to say so, the appearance of 'a gay photographer' at such a function was considered highly original, and was openly spoken of as a feature of the historic occasion."[1]

Lafayette brought a great deal of equipment as well as furnishings, backdrops and props to provide an environment in which the guests to the ball could pose. Harris says,

in order to capture the sense of event and location, the studio prepared a new backdrop (a painted canvas stretched on a wooden frame) which represented the lawn and gardens of Devonshire House complete with statuary. In the event of guests desiring a different background, the studio also transported its baronial hall and country estate backdrops as well as some studio balustrade, a piece of wall and a Turkish carpet.[1]

Assistants were present to help photograph the large number of guests who wanted their portraits taken in their costumes:

In a newspaper interview the following years, James Lafayette claimed to have photographed 200 sitters in four and a half hours – a staggering speed of 1 minute 21 seconds per photograph! Black & White claimed that "he photographed up to five in the morning, when the [camera-]operators had to abandon their task from sheer fatigue" [interpolation Harris's].[1]

The St. James's Gazette reports on the Lafayette photographs made at the ball:

Many of the guests at the Duchess of Devonshire fancy-dress ball on Friday were photographed at Devonshire House by M. Lafayette. Among those whose portraits were taken in their costumes were the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of York, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, the Duke and Duchess of Teck, the Duke and Duchess of Fife, Princess Victoria of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, Princess Henry of Pless, the Duchess of Roxburghe, the Duke and Duchess of Portland, the Marchioness of Londonderry, Lady Randolph Churchill, Mr. Balfour, and Sir William Harcourt.[2]

Typical of copy-and-paste editing practices of this time, the article in the St. James's Gazette is reprinted exactly in the 7 July 1897 Dublin Daily Express.[3]:p. 4, Col. 9b

According to Harris, "In an interview for The Lady's Realm three years after the Ball, Lafayette claimed to have photographed 'no less than fourteen Royalties, who seemed to prefer the fun of having their photographs taken to dancing.'"[1]

A number of portrait-style photographs exist from this event as well as some apparently taken in Lafayette's studio. Because Lafayette had been granted a Royal Warrant to photograph the royal family, he was a natural choice for this party, and many of the guests would have been familiar with his work already. But not everybody who had a photographic portrait in their costume used Lafayette. For one, according to the Times a week after the ball, "Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein yesterday morning honoured Mr. Alfred Ellis at his studio in Upper Baker-street with a sitting for photographs in the fancy dress worn by her at the Duchess of Devonshire's ball.[4]

Apparently some people framed their photographs and hung them as art on their walls. The Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser described Humphrey Francis de Trafford as having "photographs of the Duchess of Devonshire's fancy-dress ball, in which Lady de Trafford figured as the Queen of Sheba" as well as paintings and photographs of dogs, horses, hunting and so on hanging on his walls.[5]

The Album of Photographs, Plus Other Surviving Images[edit | edit source]

A committee assembled 286 photographs of individuals and very small groups of people in costume, whether by Lafayette or by other photographers, into a book, an album, as a gift for the Duchess of Devonshire.[6] Russell Harris says

The knowledge that an album would be published with portraits of the guests in costume may well have led those who were not satisfied with the results of the hurried photographic session at the Ball to visit the Lafayette studio once or twice more with their costumes – some people up to six months after the event. The record of the event was finally published privately in 1899 with 286 sepia photogravure reproductions by Walker & Boutall and contains 114 plates by Lafayette, 22 by Bassano, 14 by Alice Hughes, 22 by J. Thomson, 23 by Henry Van der Weyde and others. The Lafayette archive at the V&A contains the only known surviving negatives by any photographer from the occasion.[1]

The title page reads


JULY 2nd 1897





For Harris, the three "clues" that hint at the contents of the album are the title, the names of the people on the "committee," and the names of the people who sat (or stood) for the portraits:

The album itself, measuring 33 cm x 25 cm and entitled simply Diamond Jubilee Fancy Dress Ball, is an extreme example of a sub-culture in-joke. It was never intended to be seen the general public, and contains no more clue to what is going on inside the covers than its title, a list of those who must have been instrumental in choosing whom to include and who then presented the album to the Duchess of Devonshire and the names of the people whose portraits in costume are reproduced in the album. The plates in the album were prepared for photogravure by Walker & Boutall (Sir Emery Walker & Walter Boutall), and the album 'Committee' acknowledged "the courtesy of the photographers, whose names are engraved below the portraits, in lending the negatives from which these plates have been made." The commission from the Duchess of Devonshire to photograph the Ball would have brought enormous publicity value to the firm of Lafayette who opened their first London studio in 1897 to capitalise on the capital's commercial bulge during the jubilee year. Indeed, contact sheets found in display albums from the London studio show that the firm's regular customers could order prints of the Ball's guests in costume. Only some very few original prints from the Ball are known to exist.[1]

Each page in the album contains a portrait of one person, or occasionally a small group of people, most often a married couple or perhaps 3 or so individuals who apparently chose to be photographed together, perhaps for thematic reasons. Each portrait — almost all of which are photographs — is accompanied by what looks to be letterpress printing that names the people whose portrait it is and who they are dressed as. This letterpress is in a cursive typeface that uses the Long s for a double ess, old-fashioned and reminiscent of earlier printing practices.

The Photographs from the Album[edit | edit source]

The album is at the National Portrait Gallery, which has digitized its copy here:

Not all the portraits are photographs taken by John Stack Lauder, or Lafayette; some are photographs taken by other photographers, a very small number are drawings and one appears to be a painting. They are all "photogravure by Walker and Boutall, photogravure, 1897; published 1899."[6]

Photographers in the Album[edit | edit source]

  • James Stack Lauder, Lafayette, 139 photographs
  • John Thomson, 24 photographs
  • Henry Van der Weyde, 23 photographs
  • Alexander Bassano, 22 photographs
  • Alice Hughes, 14 photographs
  • Alfred Ellis, 12 photographs
  • Henry Bullingham, 11 photographs
  • Elliott & Fry, 7 photograph
  • W. & D. Downey, 6 photographs
  • Gunn & Stuart, 5 photographs
  • Robert Faulkner & Co., 2 photographs
  • Esmé Collings, 2 photographs
  • Thomas Bennett & Sons, 2 photographs
  • Maull & Fox, 2 photographs
  • Walery, 2 photographs
  • Byrne & Co., 2 photographs
  • Sir Edward John Poynter, 1st Bt., 1 drawing or painting
  • Le Conteur, 1 drawing or painting
  • Otto (Otto Wegener), 1 drawing or painting
  • Frederick Downer, 1 photograph
  • Martin John Jacolette, 1 photograph
  • Mendelssohn, 1 photograph
  • "Unknown Artist," 1 drawing or painting
  • Charles Reutlinger, 1 photograph
  • Reginald Haines, 1 photograph
  • Frederick Hollyer, 1 drawing or painting
  • London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company, 1 photograph

Errors in the Letterpress on the Portraits[edit | edit source]

Errors in People's Names

It seems that occasionally errors may occur in the names on the portraits in the Album. Some possible errors are here:

  1. A portrait in the NPG Album has a Duncan Dawson, of whom no other trace exists, even in the newspapers or census records. The portrait of Duncan Dawson, however, resembles a Spy cartoon of Douglas Dawson, Vesey Dawson's younger brother according to census records.
  2. According to the portrait in the commemorative album held by the NPG, Lord Archibald Acheson was Raoul di Nangis; Douglas Dawson, whose first name is wrong on his portrait in the commemorative album, is also listed as being Raoul di Nangis, from Les Huguenots. The specificity of the account in the Gentlewoman account lends it credibility, but it is impossible to be certain from this evidence.
  3. The newspaper accounts identify the diplomat at the Austro-Hungarian Embassy as Count Max Hadik and record his arrival in 1892 at and his departure in 1898 from the Embassy in London; no mention exists of an Omar Hadik in any newspaper report in the British Newspaper Archive (as of July 2021). Max Hadik is likely Count Miksa Hadik de Futak (or Maximilian Graf Hadik von Futak) (1868–1921), who has a very brief page in Wikipedia. The letterpress on the portrait in the album in the National Portrait Gallery identifies Count Omar Hadik as having attended the ball, and it looks like this same piece of evidence informs the record at the British Library as well. If the letterpress is wrong, then the most logical choice for the man who attended the ball is Count Max Hadik. The Times and the Morning Post call him Count Hadik, without a forename at all.
  4. Gunn & Stuart's portrait of "S. Cavendish as Count Chotak" in costume was included in the album presented to the Duchess of Devonshire now in the National Portrait Gallery. The printing on the portrait says, "Mr. S. Cavendish as Count Chotak."[7] Mr. S. Cavendish is not mentioned in any press reports findable at this time (summer 2021) in the British Newspaper Archive 1990–1900 (except for an American explorer named S. H. Cavendish or H. S. H. Cavendish who was in London about this time). One Count Chotek — Johann Karl, Count Chotek of Chotkow and Wognin (29 October 1704 – 8 November 1787) — knew Marie Thérèse when she was Empress.[8] Because Mr. S. Cavendish's photographer was Gunn & Stuart, who also took Lady Moyra Cavendish's portrait, which is also in the album, it is conceivable that Mr. S. Cavendish is actually Mr. R. Cavendish, whose costume is described as being of the Marie Thérèse period, like that of his wife.

Other Errors

The people sitters for the portraits are said to be personating is inconsistent between the newspaper accounts and the letterpress on the portraits very often, also often contributing to inconsistencies or disagreements in the newspaper accounts. For some more simple examples:

  1. Mr. Henry White (at 310) is said by the newspapers to have been dressed as Giovanni Felici in the 17th-century procession, but portrait #19 in the album says he was dressed as Henri de Lorraine, Duc de Guise.

The Photographs[edit | edit source]

The 286 portraits in this album are of the following people (first link is to the portrait in the NPG, second one to the Wikiversity Social Victorians page and the number to their place in the list of invitees to the ball):

  1. "Violet Manners, Duchess of Rutland as Mary Isabella, Duchess of Rutland after Cosway, by John Thomson." [Violet Manners at the ball as Lady Granby, the Marchioness of Granby.]
  2. "Kathleen Florence May (née Candy), Duchess of Newcastle as Princess Dashkova, by Esmé Collings." [Kathleen Florence Candy May, Duchess of Newcastle ]
  3. "Haakon VII, King of Norway when Prince Charles of Denmark with Maud, Queen of Norway when Princess Charles of Denmark and Princess Victoria of Wales as Ladies of the Court of Marguerite de Valois, by Lafayette." [Prince Charles of Denmark ]
  4. "Natica (née Yznaga), Lady Lister-Kaye as the Duchesse de Guise in the time of Henri III, by Lafayette." [Lady Natica Lister-Kaye, at 499]
  5. "Louise Frederica Augusta Cavendish (née von Alten), Duchess of Devonshire (formerly Duchess of Manchester) as Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, by Lafayette." [Louisa Montagu Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, at 18]
  6. "Spencer Compton Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire as The Emperor Charles V, by Lafayette." [Spencer Compton Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire, at 19]
  7. "Queen Alexandra when Princess of Wales as Queen Marguerite de Valois and Hon. (Alexandra) Louvima Elizabeth Checkley (née Knollys) as her page), by Lafayette." [Alexandra, Princess of Wales, at 2]
  8. "King Edward VII when Prince of Wales as Grand Prior of the order of St John of Jerusalem, by Lafayette." [Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, at 1]
  9. "Queen Mary when Duchess of York as a Lady of the Court of Marguerite de Valois and King George V when Duke of York as George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland, by Lafayette." [Mary of Teck, Duchess of York (at 4), and Prince George of Wales, Duke of York (at 3)]
  10. "Alexander William George Duff, 1st Duke of Fife and Princess Louise, Duchess of Fife in costume of the period of Henri II, by Lafayette." [Alexander William George Duff, 1st Duke of Fife (at 15), and Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, Duchess of Fife (at 177)]
  11. "Princess Louise, Duchess of Connaught (née Princess of Prussia) as Anne of Austria, by Lafayette." [Princess Louise, Duchess of Connaught, at 9]
  12. "Prince Arthur, 1st Duke of Connaught and Strathearn as Effingham, by Lafayette." [Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, at 369]
  13. "Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck as The Electress Sophia, mother of George I, by Lafayette." [Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, at 12]
  14. "Prince Francis, Duke of Teck as Capitaine de la Garde du Roy, XVI Century, by Lafayette." [Francis Duke of Teck, at 11]
  15. "Prince Alfred of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha as Duke Robert of Normandy, A.D. 1060, by Lafayette." [Alfred, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, at 5]
  16. "Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein as Princess Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James I, by Alfred Ellis." [Helena Augusta Victoria, at 7]
  17. "Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein as Duke Adolphus of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, A.D. 1560, by Alexander Bassano." [ Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, at 6]
  18. "Michael Mikhailovich, Grand Duke of Russia as Henri IV and Sophia Nicholaievna, Countess de Torby as Gabrielle d'Estray, by Lafayette." [ Grand Duke Michael of Russia (8) and Sophia Countess de Torby (at 184)]
  19. "Margaret ('Daisy') Stuyvesant Rutherford White (née Rutherfurd) as Morosina Morosini, Dogaressa of Venice and Henry White as Henri de Lorraine, Duc de Guise, by Henry Van der Weyde." [ Daisy and Henry White (at 151 and 310)]
  20. "Count Omar Hadik as Field Marshal Count Hadik, by Henry Van der Weyde." [Count Omar Hadik, at 361]
  21. "Count Albert Mensdorff-Pouilly-Dietrichstein as Henri III, King of France, by John Thomson." [Count Mensdorff, at 180]
  22. "Chevalier de Souza Corrêa as a Knight Templar, XIV Century, by Alexander Bassano." [João Arthur Souza Corrêa, at 178]
  23. "Marie Elizabeth (née Texier), Baroness de Courcel as Night, by Alfred Ellis." [Marie de Courcel, at 182]
  24. "Alphonse Chodron de Courcel, Baron de Courcel as Duc de Buillon, Ambassador from Henri Quatre to Queen Elizabeth, by Alfred Ellis." [Alphonse de Courcel, at 133]
  25. "Mademoiselle de Courcel as a Valkyrie, by Alfred Ellis." [Mademoiselle de Courcel, at 498]
  26. "Mademoiselle Henriette de Courcel as a Valkyrie, by Alfred Ellis." [Mademoiselle Henriette de Courcel, at 371]
  27. "Madame Baudon de Mony as Princess of Navarre, by Alfred Ellis." [Madame de Courcel Baudon de Mony, at 568]
  28. "Monsieur Baudon de Mony as a musketeer in the time of Louis XIII, by Alfred Ellis." [Monsieur Baudon de Mony, at 567]
  29. "Julia Caroline (née Stonor), Marquise d'Hautpoul de Seyre) as Elsa from "Lohengrin", by Lafayette." [Julia Stonor, Marchioness d'Hautpoul de Seyre, at 388]
  30. "Luis Maria Augusto Pinto de Soveral, Marquess de Soveral as Count d'Almada, A.D. 1640, by W. & D. Downey." [Luis Pinto de Soveral, at 135]
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  34. "Consuelo de Alealo Galiano as Veure de Pierrot, by Alexander Bassano." [Consuelo de Alcalo Galiano, at 632]
  35. "Jesusa Murrieta del Campo Mello y Urritio (née Bellido), Marquisa de Santurce as the Infanta of Spain, by Lafayette." [Marquisa de Santurce, at 643]
  36. "Thérèse (née Kinsky), Countess Clary-Aldringen as the Queen of Naples, by Henry Van der Weyde." [Countess Clary Aldringen, at 191]
  37. "Prince Siegfried von Clary-Aldringen when Count von Clary-Aldringen as Count Nadasdy, by Henry Van der Weyde." [Count Clary Aldringen, at 205]
  38. "Princess of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (née Countess Josephine Kinsky) as Princess Pauline Borghese, by Henry Van der Weyde." [Josephine, Countess Kinsky, at 394]
  39. "Edith Isabella Georgina Fitzwilliam (née Lane-Fox) after a picture by Romney, by Lafayette." [Edith Wentworth- Fitzwilliam (Mrs. Hon. Reginald Wentworth-Fitzwilliam), at 635]
  40. "Hon. (William) Reginald Fitzwilliam as Nelson, by Lafayette." [Hon. Reginald Wentworth- Fitzwilliam, at 636]
  41. "Florence (née Davis), Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava (later Countess Howe) when Lady Terence Blackwood as Flora Goddess of Flowers, by Gunn & Stuart." [Lady Florence Hamilton Temple Blackwood, at 637]
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Questions and Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The album is not all James Stack Lauder, and it does not reflect his larger career.

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