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Also Known As[edit | edit source]

  • Family name Brownlow
  • Baron Lurgan
    • Charles Brownlow, 2nd Baron Lurgan (1847 – 15 January 1882)
    • William Brownlow, 3rd Baron Lurgan (1882–1937)
  • Countess Lurgan
    • Emily Julia Cadogan Brownlow (1893–1909)

Demographics[edit | edit source]

  • Nationality: Anglo-Irish

Family[edit | edit source]

  • Charles Brownlow, 2nd Baron Lurgan (10 April 1831 – 15 January 1882)[1]
  • Hon. Emily Anne Browne ( – September 1929)[2]
  1. Hon. Louisa Helene Brownlow ( – 5 December 1922)
  2. Hon. Isabella Anna Brownlow ( – 15 March 1935)
  3. Hon. Clara Agnes Brownlow ( – 6 December 1942)
  4. Hon. Mary Emily Jane Brownlow ()
  5. Hon. Clementina Georgiana Brownlow ( – 1 September 1929)
  6. Hon. Emmeline Harriet Annette Brownlow ( – 21 August 1957)
  7. William Brownlow, 3rd Baron Lurgan (11 February 1858 – 9 February 1937)
  8. Major Hon. John Roderick Brownlow (26 November 1865 – 6 August 1932)
  9. Hon. Francis Cecil Brownlow (22 November 1870 – 21 December 1932)

  1. William George Edward Brownlow, 4th Baron Lurgan (22 February 1902 – 1984)

  • Hon. Francis Cecil Brownlow (22 November 1870 – 21 December 1932)[6]
  • Angela Platt ()[7]
    1. Francis William Brownlow (29 April 1910 – 2 May 1910)
    2. Lt.-Col. John Desmond Cavendish Brownlow, 4th Baron Lurgan (29 June 1911 – 1991)
    3. Roderick Cecil Brownlow (5 November 1914 – 12 December 1914)
    4. Daphne Angela Brownlow (31 January 1917 – )

Relations[edit | edit source]

Acquaintances, Friends and Enemies[edit | edit source]

Acquaintances[edit | edit source]

  • Earl of Carnavon and his American wife Catherine Wendell

Friends[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Organizations[edit | edit source]

  • Ritz Hotel, Chairman 1928–
  • Booth's Distilleries

Timeline[edit | edit source]

1853 June 20, Charles Brownlow and Emily Anne Browne married.[8]

1893 February 7, William Brownlow and Emily Julia Cadogan married.[5]

1897 July 2, William and Emily Brownlow, Lord and Lady Lurgan, attended the Duchess of Devonshire's fancy-dress ball at Devonshire House.

1906 July 21, Hon. Francis Cecil Brownlow and Angela Platt married.[7]

Costume at the Duchess of Devonshire's 2 July 1897 Fancy-dress Ball[edit | edit source]

Emily Lady Lurgan[edit | edit source]

At the Duchess of Devonshire's fancy-dress ball, Lady Emily Lurgan (at 56), dressed as a Fury like Lady Sophie Scott (at 57), was Alecto in the Goddess procession:[9]:7, Col. 5b

  • "Flame / colour and gold shot gauze, embroidered round the hem with gold, long hanging sleeves edged with small diamond and silver serpents; large serpents were coiled round their waists, and others were entangled in front of the bodice. They [Ladies Lurgan and Sophie Scott] were wreathed round the head with the reptiles, and carried torches burning with electric light."[9]:7, Col. 7c–8, Col. 1a
  • "Lady Lurgan and Lady Sophie Scott were dressed alike as Furies, in flame-coloured gauze, with diamond snakes twined round their arms and waists, on their dresses, and forming their headgear. They carried torches of electric light, and wore jewellel gold wings."[10]:5, Col. 7b
  • "Very striking were the costumes worn as “Furies” by Lady Lurgan and Lady Sophie Scott. Their classic draperies were of crimson and gold shot gauze, held in place by serpents intertwined in diamonds and silver. Their serpent head-dresses were equally venomous and vindictive-looking, while, still further to intensify the effect, they carried flaming torches, brilliant with electric light."[11]

Lafayette's portrait of "Emily Julia (née Cadogan), Lady Lurgan as Alecto" in costume is #142 in the album presented to the Duchess of Devonshire and now in the National Portrait Gallery.[12] The printing on the portrait says, "Lady Lurgan as Alecto."[13]

Lady Emily Lurgan is not listed in the first seating.

William Brownlow, Baron Lurgan[edit | edit source]

Lord William Lurgan (at 165) was seated at Table 5. He was dressed as

  • Duke Albert von Sachsen-Texhen or Sachsentexhen in the Archduchess Marie-Karoline and Emperor Joseph II section of the Austrian Court of Maria Theresa Quadrille.[9][14]

Hon. Cecil Brownlow[edit | edit source]

Possibly Hon. Francis Cecil Brownlow (see Note #1, below), the Hon. Cecil Brownlow (at 306) was dressed as Nicolo Danabi in the Venetians procession.[9][14] The Gentlewoman describes the costume of the Hon. Cecil Brownlow like this: "(Venetian noble), claret and black surcoat, with cloth of gold."[15]:34, Col. 1b

Notes and Questions[edit | edit source]

  1. While the Hon. Cecil Brownlow appears in many newspaper reports of social events at the end of the century — often with members of the family of Baron Lurgan — he does not appear in peerages, so possibly the Hon. Cecil Brownlow so present is actually Hon. Francis Cecil Brownlow, son of the 2nd Baron Lurgan.

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