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The Social Victorian[edit]

Parties, Performances, Funerals, and Knots that Collected Eminent and Less-than-Eminent Victorians[edit]

This project collects information about social events in London toward the end of the reign of Queen Victoria. The Victorians were supremely social people and the aristocracy were no exception. Little research has been done on their social lives and social networks, mostly because we haven't really decided, I think, what kinds of information would tell us about them. For the Victorians, that question was easier to answer than it has been for us: they'd find out about social events in the newspapers, and they'd track their own presence in the social world by their presence in newspaper accounts.

Once the British Newspaper Archive, from the British Library, began to digitize their newspaper collections, it became much easier to see what the Victorians themselves were reading about their social events. Because they were accessible to so few scholars until then, the information about Victorian social lives is all still new, undiscovered country.

This site begins with events, some of which are listed below. An event might be a party of some kind, a funeral, a performance of a play or show, or even the run of an exhibition. The closer we look at any of these events, the clearer it is that every event is made up of other events: prior events, sub-events, subsequent events, related events.

Some Social Events[edit]

Some Threads and Knots[edit]

Other, Less Unique Events[edit]


Dinner Parties[edit]

Garden Parties[edit]


Weddings and Funerals[edit]

Contents of this site by lists[edit]

A list of people[edit]
  • The Souls
  • The Lovely Five
  • The "Royal Mob," Victoria's Children and Grandchildren
  • Non-English Diplomats, Ambassadors and Ministers Who Attended Events in London at the End of the Century
  • Members of the Armed Forces Who Attended Royal Functions
  • People Who Attended Events Hosted by the Prince and Princess of Wales
  • The Bedford Park Set
  • The Golden Dawn
    • Alpha and Omega (Golden Dawn offshoot led by Mathers after he left the Golden Dawn in 1900)
    • The Anthroposophical Society
    • Freemason
    • The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
    • The Hermetic Colony Association
    • The Hermetic Society
    • The Sanitary Wood Wool Co.
    • The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA)
    • Theosophical Society
A list of dates[edit]
Victorian Material History[edit]
A list of places[edit]
  • The Reading Room at the British Library
  • Bedford Park
  • Haslemere
The Aristocracy[edit]
A list of organizations, businesses, and concerns[edit]
  • London Clubs
    • The Men and Women's Club
  • Newspapers
  • General Gordon League
  • Todd, Dennes and Lamb, solicitors: 22 Chancery Lane, London, WC
  • John M. Watkins, booksellers and publishers