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Here are a list of academic disciplines. Areas of this site may be created in accordance with these.

The red links here can be considered page creation requests. But before creating pages, try a search to see if the page already exists with a different spelling or casing. Wikiversity does not follow Wikipedia naming conventions.

Also, see Wikiversity:What is Wikiversity? and Wikiversity:What Wikiversity is not. The goal is to create effective learning projects or lessons for these pages, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Placeholder pages lacking educational objectives are typically proposed for deletion.


Main article: The arts

Performing arts[edit]

Main article: Performing arts

Visual arts[edit]

Main article: Visual arts


Main article: Humanities


Main article: Geography


Main article: History

Languages and literature[edit]

Main article: Literature


Main article: Philosophy

Social sciences[edit]

Main article: Social science


Main article: Economics


Main article: Law

Political science[edit]

Main article: Politics


Main article: Psychology


Main article: Sociology


Main article: Science


Main article: List of life sciences


Main article: Chemistry

Earth and space sciences[edit]

Main article: Earth science


Main article: Mathematics
See also: Branches of mathematics and Mathematics Subject Classification

Pure mathematics

Applied mathematics


Main article: Physics

Applied sciences[edit]

Main article: Applied science

Agriculture and agricultural sciences[edit]

Computer science[edit]

Main article: Computer science

Also a branch of electrical engineering

Engineering and technology[edit]

Main article: Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Systems science

Medicine and health sciences[edit]

Main article: Medicine

See also[edit]

Main article: Branches of science


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