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Introduction and Descripton[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Wikiversity's Department of Women's Studies

Hello! The Wikiversity Department of Women's Studies has just been founded. If you are knowledgable about any of the topics listed below, or about other Women's Studies topics, your help would be extremely appreciated if you make a contribution.

Please do not delete learning projects. Instead, try to add a project if you would like it to be offered or if you would like to offer it.

Learning Resources[edit | edit source]

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Core Lessons[edit | edit source]

Tracks[edit | edit source]

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Multiculturalism and Diversity[edit | edit source]

Suggested tracks[edit | edit source]

Nature; Science[edit | edit source]

Suggested courses for this track:

  • Reproductive Technologies and the Future of Motherhood
  • Biology of Women
  • Economic Issues of Gender
  • Women’s Health
  • Perspectives on Rape and Sexual Assault
  • Women, Gender and Science
  • Women, Society and Radiation
  • The American Woman in Sport
  • Special Topics: Women and Law
  • Sex Differences: Psychological Perspectives
  • Gender Identity in Transition
  • Special Topics: Psychology of Women
  • Issues in Domestic Violence
  • Women and Crime

Arts and Humanities[edit | edit source]

Suggested courses for this track:

  • Women in Art
  • Identity and Culture: Gender and Media in Global Perspective
  • Women and Gender in Film
  • Honors Seminar in Literature: Emily Dickinson
  • Honors Seminar in Literature: Austen and the Brontes
  • Film and Literature: Austen/Shelley/Hollywood
  • Special Topics: Literature of Women
  • Women Writers
  • Voices of Medieval Women
  • Topics in British Literature: Virginia Woolf
  • Topics in World Literature: African-American Writers
  • Topics in World Literature: Black Women Writers
  • Topics in British Literature: Unfortunate Women
  • Women in 20th Century U.S. History
  • Comparative History of the Modern Family: 1750-Present
  • Historical Themes: Women in Ancient Greece
  • Historical Themes: Modern European Women
  • Historical Themes: African-American Women in History
  • Women in Western Music
  • Feminist Philosophy
  • Philosophical Topics: Simone de Beauvoir
  • Hispanic Popular Cultures: Mexican Cultural Symbols: La Malinche, La Virgen de Guadalupe and La Llorona
  • Special Topics: Latin American Women Writers

Interdisciplinary[edit | edit source]

Suggested courses for this track:

  • Themes and Issues in Women’s Studies
  • Women’s Culture and Creativity
  • Women’s Words, Women’s Lives
  • Women, Work and Family
  • Women and Medicine
  • Women and Sexuality
  • Women and Aging
  • Topics in Women’s Studies: Gender, Development and Globalization
  • Topics in Women’s Studies: Women, the Environment and Health
  • Seminar in Women’s Studies
  • Directed Readings for Honors in Women’s Studies
  • Directed Readings for Women’s Studies
  • Internship in Women’s Studies
  • Honors Thesis

Active participants[edit | edit source]

The histories of Wikiversity pages indicate who the active participants are. If you are an active participant in this department, you can list your name here (this can help small departments grow and the participants communicate better).

Books[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

Wikibooks[edit | edit source]

External resources[edit | edit source]

  • Women's Studies Resources at the University of Iowa - This site, in continuous operation since 1996, features the following annotated links pages: Activism, Art, Communication and Media, Development - WID, Feminist Theory, General or Mixed Indexes & Searches, History, Literature, Music and Sports. Not connected to the U. Iowa Women's Studies Department.
  • index.html Women's Studies Email List (WMST-L) - WMST-L is an international electronic forum for people involved in Women's Studies as teachers, researchers, librarians, and/or program administrators. It offers a rapid and cost-free way for participants to ask questions and exchange information about the academic side of Women's Studies: current research, teaching strategies, useful texts and films, online resources, innovative courses, building Women's Studies majors, minors, and graduate programs, and other academic issues. WMST-L also welcomes announcements about relevant conferences, calls for papers, job opportunities, publications, and the like.
  • WMST-L's online collection of files related to Women's Studies.
  • Women's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Sites - A frequently-updated, annotated, selective set of more than 700 links to sites offering resources and information about women's studies and/or women's issues. Includes 16 topical subsections, such as Activism, Arts and Humanities, Health, Cyberculture and Internet Information, Science and Technology, Sexuality and Sexual Orientation, Women of Color, and more.
  • Women's Studies Programs Worldwide - Approximately 700 listings in the US and around the world. Annotations identify programs offering graduate degrees or certificates. Frequently updated.
  • Gender-Related Electronic Forums - A frequently-updated listing and description of more than 600 e-mail lists that focus on women- or gender-related issues. Includes 16 topical subsections, such as Activism, Arts and Humanities, Business, Health, Motherhood, Religion and Spirituality, Science and Technology, Sports and Recreation, Sexuality and Sexual Orientation, Women of Color, and more.
  • Center for Women and Information Technology - ABCNews.com has called this site "the best resource on women and technology on the Web." The site offers information, news, resources, and initiatives that address women's use of information technology [IT] and their under-representation in the IT workforce. Includes a very large collection of web-based women- and gender-related syllabi and information about aid.html financial aid for women including women not in IT.
  • Linux Chix - LinuxChix is a community for women who like Linux, and for women and men who want to support women in computing.
  • Debian Women, founded in May 2004, seeks to balance and diversify the Debian Project (a major Linux distribution) by actively engaging with interested women and encouraging them to become more involved with Debian.
  • Ubuntu Women is a team functioning under Ubuntu (a major Linux distribution) to provide a platform and encouragement for women to contribute to Ubuntu-Linux, a Debian based free and open-source GNU/Linux software.
  • Heterosexuality Questionnaire that makes one think about how heterosexuality is taken for granted.
  • Wikigender: a wiki about gender equality and women's rights