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Computer engineering is the science of making computers and their parts. Computer engineers are always trying to make new parts smaller and better. Computer engineering is related to Electrical engineering and Computer science. If you study Computer engineering, you learn about the hardware and software of computers. You will learn circuit theory and electronic circuits, too.

Inside of an Intel Dual Core PC computer.
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Computer engineering is often compared to Computer science.[1] Computer engineering is about computer hardware and some software. Computer science is about computer software only. Computer engineers study Computer engineering, but software engineers study Computer science.

Computer engineering is a difficult major in college, but computer engineers are needed.[2]. Software engineering companies, telecommunications firms, designers of digital hardware, and many other companies hire Computer engineering majors right out of college and pay them well.

Computer engineering students learn about computers and computer related system design and development. The computer related systems are software systems, hardware systems and systems of software and hardware in combination.

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