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Welcome to this course on the geography of the world! Hopefully, this course will successfully balance useful geographical information with the learner's abilities to take in the work. The course is modeled after other courses on this wiki, such as Spanish 1, and while geography is often considered to be an easy subject, this course hopes to gently prove otherwise.

Read until you come to a quiz. Quizzes will be designed in such a way that the content between each quiz will not be too much to read. However, if you would prefer to read two sections at a time, feel free to do so.

General links and information about geography can be found at the school of geography.



Capital cities[edit]

The basics of physical geography[edit]

Optional courses[edit]


There will soon be a worksheet with general geographical questions from the above sections. It will contain questions with longer answers that would not work with a quiz system. You will be able to print out the worksheet when it has been completed.

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