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"Whereof we cannot express a theory, we must tell a story instead." --Umberto Eco

The blind king.

Welcome to the Wikiversity learning project on dramaturgy. Participants in this learn-by-doing project will explore how to use drama to promote learning.

Dramaturgy, Drama Theory, and the Bardic Arts[edit | edit source]

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Dramaturgy is a sociological perspective that argues that human actions are dependent upon time, place, and audience. Dramaturgy is also the art of dramatic composition and the representation of the main elements of drama on the stage. Dramaturgy examines the context of drama and to understand context may include many workshops in enacting drama. Drama theory is based on Game theory and is used to analyze and develop new theories as to the causes of drama, which can include a fair amount of mathematics. The Bardic Arts is about crafting, telling, and producing educational stories and dramas.

Dramaturgy, Drama Theory, and the Bardic Arts are all very similar topics. What topics are covered in a course depends on the focus or objective of the course. In Dramaturgy, you might study the beliefs and ideals of the Nazi party in the context of World War II to understand the context of the drama that unfolded. In Drama Theory, you would study Clancy's Theorem and the Vexagon Diagram. In Bardic Arts, you would study character development, storyboards, crafting stories, and storytelling.

Drama has a dramatury, and dramatury has the element drama. And we need the Bardic art to attend symbolism.

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