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Cognitive Psychology is a branch of psychology. Cognitive Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, specifically what the mind is and how it works. [1]

Cognitive Psychology involves the study of the way the mind becomes aware of something, by learning, remembering or thinking about certain information. [2]

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What is cognitive psychology?[edit | edit source]

Cognitive psychology focuses on study of higher mental functions with particular emphasis on the ways in which people acquire knowledge and use it to shape and understand their experience in the world. This figures indicates key foci of cognitive psychology: [3]


Organization[edit | edit source]

  1. Information-Processing Stages
  2. Representation and Organization of Knowledge
  3. Complex Cognitive Skills

Lessons[edit | edit source]

Experimental section that is largely subject to change in the future.

In the News[edit | edit source]

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Resources[edit | edit source]

Electronic resources[edit | edit source]

Textbooks[edit | edit source]

Cognitive Psychology, Sixth Edition By Robert J. Sternberg and Karin Sternberg 643 pg.

Foundations of Cognitive Psychology, Core Readings by Daniel J. Levitin 813 pg.

Cognitive science: an introduction to the study of mind by Jay Friedenberg, Gordon Silverman 561 pg.

Cognitive Psychology, Third Edition by E. Bruce Goldstein

Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook by Michael W. Eysenck, and Mark T. Keane

References[edit | edit source]

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