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Getting started
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Welcome aboard the good ship "motivation and emotion"!

Congratulations on taking the first step Smiley.svg.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Get an overview:
    1. About this unit
    2. Unit outline
  2. Enrol in
    1. the unit
    2. a tutorial
  3. Check the timetable (for lectures and tutorials) and put the schedule in your calendar
  4. Materials - get access to:
    1. The textbook
    2. An audio headset (with headphones and microphone) is recommended for:
      1. recording the multimedia presentation assessment exercise
      2. participating in online virtual tutorials
  5. Assessment
    1. Check out the assessment and note the due dates
    2. Learn about Wikiversity and how to use it
      1. Create a Wikiversity account - choose a user name appropriate to your privacy requirements (can be based on your real name or a pseudonym).
      2. Practice editing in a sandbox.
      3. Describe a little about yourself and areas of interest on your Wikiversity user page.
      4. More information about using Wikiversity will be provided during lectures and tutorials (e.g., see Tutorial 01, but you can also teach yourself by exploring and experimenting). For more info, see Wikiversity - Help.
    3. Browse the previous book chapter topics. Think about what chapter topic you would like to contribute to the current book chapter table of contents.
  6. Discuss with others via:
    1. UCLearn Discussion
    2. Wikiversity talk pages
    3. #emot21 hashtag on Twitter
  7. For more assistance, see support