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Lecture 12: Interventions and review

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This is the twelfth and final lecture for the Motivation and emotion unit of study.


This lecture discusses interventions and reviews the motivation and emotion unit. It revisits key content from earlier lectures and focuses on the underlying question "How can we motivate ourselves and others?" Three steps are suggested:

  1. Explain (diagnose - why is this happening)
  2. Predict (what are the motivational sources for the person?)
  3. Intervene (what principles or strategies can be applied).

Pearls of wisdom / Nuggets of truth[edit]

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What are the greatest insights (pearls of wisdom or nuggets or truth) you've acquired through this unit? e.g.,

  • What has been your most significant learning about motivation and emotion?
  • What was the take-home message from the book chapter you worked on?

Contribute these insights to these webpages:


  1. Chapter 17: Interventions (Reeve, 2015)


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