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Lecture 12: Interventions and review

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This is the twelfth and final lecture for the Motivation and emotion unit of study.

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Overview[edit | edit source]

This lecture:

Take-home messages:

  • There is nothing so practical as a good theory
  • Motivation guides you towards behaviours to optimise well-being; emotion provides motivational feedback about progress towards goals

Intervention[edit | edit source]

Three intervention steps are suggested:

  1. Explain (diagnose - why is this happening?)
  2. Predict (what are the motivational sources for the person?)
  3. Intervene (what principles or strategies can be applied?)

Pearls of wisdom / Nuggets of truth[edit | edit source]

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  • What are the greatest insights (pearls of wisdom or nuggets or truth) you've acquired through this unit?
  • What has been your most significant learning about motivation and emotion?
  • What was the take-home message from the book chapter you worked on?

Contribute your insights to:

Readings[edit | edit source]

  1. Chapter 17: Interventions (Reeve, 2018)

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