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Lecture 05: Implicit motives and goals

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This is the fifth lecture for the Motivation and emotion unit of study.

Goals drive effort and perseverance.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This lecture discusses:

  • implicit motives
  • goal-setting and goal striving

Take-home messages:

  • Implicit (unconscious) motives include achievement, affiliation, and power motivations.
  • We do our best when we have a specific plan of action to pursue a difficult, specific and self-congruent goal.

Multimedia[edit | edit source]

  • David McClelland and three motivational needs (Management Courses, YouTube) (8:12 mins): Explains the three psychological needs proposed by David McClelland using a practical scenario - building a sales team.
  • Locke and Latham's Goal Setting Theory (MindTools, YouTube) (1:29 mins): A lot of contemporary goal setting advice is derived from Locke and Latham's (1990) goal setting theory - summarised in this video using 5 Cs.

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