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Lecture 01: Introduction

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This is the first lecture for the Motivation and emotion unit of study.

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This lecture:

  1. overviews and explains the Unit outline.
  2. introduces the psychological study of motivation and emotion and key conceptual frameworks.

Key questions[edit]

The two key questions underlying psychological study of motivation and emotion are:

Why do we do
what we do?

Why do we feel

the way we feel?

However, the practical, applied purpose is to be able to better address the problems of:

How can we change
what we do?

How can we change

what we feel?

Key insights[edit]

  • Two people doing the SAME behaviour (e.g., jogging) may have DIFFERENT motivations
  • We have MULTIPLE motivations in each moment, but only our DOMINANT motivation gets acted on


  1. What is motivation? The "person-in-the-street" impression of motivation is generally that motivation is the focusing and channeling of personal energy towards achievement of specific goals. This is one aspect of motivation, depicted in the following "motivational" video which inspires us to put aside inner excuses and self-doubts, to push on through difficulty, and strive towards challenging goals: The ultimate motivational clip - Rise and shine! (Youtube) (3:24 mins)



  1. Unit outline
  2. Chapter 01: Introduction (Reeve, 2015)


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