Motivation and emotion/Tutorials

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Week Tutorial Topic
01 01 Topic selection
02 02 Wiki editing
03 03 Physiological needs
04 04 Psychological needs
05 05 Functionalist theory and self-tracking
06 06 Learned optimism
07 07 Core emotions
09 08 Measuring emotion
10 09 20 emotions
11 10 Time perspective
12 11 Positive psychology
13 12 Review

There are 12 x 1 hour weekly tutorials, starting in Week 01.

Tutorials explore key weekly topics and teach skills required for the major project (topic development, book chapter, and multimedia assessment).

Tutorial recordings are available by Wednesday evening each week.

Each tutorial page provides:

  1. Overview
  2. Activity notes
  3. Resources and links

Tutorial attendance is strongly recommended but not compulsory. Non-engagement in tutorials may make successful completion of the assessment exercises more difficult. If you are unable to attend your scheduled tutorial, attend a tutorial at a different time or access the online recording.

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