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Assessment items

This table summarises the assessment item weightings and due dates. Click the assessment items for detailed guidelines.

Item Weighting Due Description Expected time involved
Topic development 5% 09:00 AM Mon Week 05 This early assessment exercise develops the topic and skills required for preparing the Book Chapter assessment exercise. Requirements: Register a Wikiversity account, sign up to an approved topic, create a Wikiversity user page, share a chapter plan which outlines major sections and key points and includes at least one relevant, reusable image, comment on the development of at least one another book chapter, and summarise this contribution on your Wikiversity user page. ~5 hours: ~1 hour to learn "how", 2 hours research, 2 hours preparation.
Book chapter 45% 09:00 AM Mon Week 12 Author an online book chapter up to 4,000 words about a unique, specific motivation or emotion topic. Topics must be approved by the unit convener. Includes a social contribution component. ~45 hours: ~7 hours to learn "how", 18 hours research, 20 hours preparation.
Multimedia 20% 09:00 AM Mon Week 14 Record and share an online multimedia presentation up to 3 minutes long about a unique, specific motivation or emotion topic, focusing on key problem(s) and answer(s) provided by psychological science. Address the same topic as covered in the book chapter. ~10 hours: 2 hours to learn "how", 6 hours preparation, 2 hours to record & finalise.
Quizzes 30% 09:00 AM Mon Week 15 17 equally-weighted 10-item online multiple-choice quizzes. One quiz per textbook chapter. ~90 hours: 12 lectures (x 2 hours each; 24 hours), 6 tutorials (x 2 hours each; 12 hours), 17 chapters (x ~3 hours each; 48 hours) and 6 hours completing the quizzes.

Fxemoji u26A0.svg For calendar due dates, see unit outline.


  1. Final marks and grades
    1. Submission of assessment is optional. Non-attempted assessments will be awarded 0.
    2. A final overall mark of 50% or higher is required to Pass the unit.
    3. Partial final marks will be rounded up.
    4. The UC grading schema (HD = 85+, DI = 75 to 84, CR = 65 to 74), and P = 50 to 64) will be applied to final marks.
  2. The Topic Development, Book Chapter and Multimedia Presentation assessment exercises involve participating in social media platforms. Use anonymous accounts if you have privacy concerns.
  3. Alternative assessment which satisfies the learning outcomes and graduate attributes may be negotiated with the unit convener where reasonable grounds are presented. The onus is on the student to negotiate alternative assessment. In the absence of email communication to the unit convener requesting alternative assessment, it is assumed that participation in the standard assessment exercises is willingly undertaken.


All assessment items are to be submitted online via the unit’s Canvas site.


  1. Extensions for the Topic Development assessment exercise are not available. Students who are unable to complete this assessment item by the due date are advised to consider withdrawal from the unit prior to the Census Date.
  2. Extensions for the other assessment exercises will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  3. Students are expected to work on the assessment items throughout the teaching period. Early communication of problems is strongly advised. Students should assess within the first few weeks of semester whether they have a reasonable likelihood of being able to complete the unit. Consider withdrawing by the census date if not keeping pace with the unit.
  4. To request an extension, email the unit convener from your university email account with the following:
    1. Subject line should include:
      1. unit number
      2. assessment item name
      3. extension request
    2. Message body should include:
      1. your first name, surname, and student ID
      2. unit number and name
      3. assessment item name
      4. exact length of extension requested
      5. reason for the extension request
    3. Attachment(s) providing documentary evidence (with correct orientation - the viewer should not need to rotate the image or pdf to view), for example a:
      1. medical certificate signed by a registered medical, dental, or health practitioner which provides:
        1. the health practitioner's name, contact details, and registered provider number
        2. date of consultation
        3. dates of the student's incapacity to study - these dates must be during the period of enrolment prior to the due date for the assessment item
      2. death notice or other appropriate documentation for bereavement.
  5. The unit convener will consider the request and send an email reply to advise the outcome. If approved, the new due date will appear in UCLearn Canvas site.
  6. For further information about extension requests, please see the Assessment Policy section 3.13 and Assessment Procedure section 3.13 on Extenuating Circumstances (Deferred examinations and extensions).

Late penalty[edit]

  1. Assessment items submitted late without an approved extension will incur a 5% penalty per day (i.e., -5% of total marks available for the assessment item), including weekends. A part-day late is counted as a full day late.
  2. Assessment can be submitted up to 7 days late; if submitted beyond 7 days late, 0 will be awarded for the assessment item.

Marking and feedback[edit]

  1. Assessment items will generally be marked and feedback provided within three weeks of submission.
  2. Availability of marks and feedback will be notified via the unit's UCLearn Canvas Announcements.
  3. Assessment submitted after the due date and time, regardless of whether an extension was granted, may be returned at a later date than those submitted on time.
  4. Late submission may result in reduced feedback being provided.