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Motivation and emotion (Book):
Understanding and improving our motivational and emotional lives using psychological science

This is an evolving, open source, collaboratively authored collection of hundreds of chapters about unique motivation and emotion topics.

The theme is - how can we improve our motivational and emotional lives using psychological theory and research?

Each chapter is accompanied by a 3 to 5 minute multimedia overview.

This collection of work has been developed through the Motivation and emotion unit at the University of Canberra (2010 - present).


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Book Chapters are organised by year. This table shows the number of chapters by year and broad category. Click on the year to view the tables of contents.

Year Motivation Emotion Total
2017 45 67 112
2016 64 55 119
2015 69 72 141
2014 70 63 133
2013 49 75 124
2011 44 46 90
2010 42 23 65
Total 383 401 784


The Book Chapters are also organised by categories:


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