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  1. Activism motivation - What motivates people to engage in human/environment/animal rights activism? - U3070695
  2. Alcohol and aggression - How does alcohol consumption affect aggression? - U3034876
  3. Altruism versus selfishness - To what extent is human behaviour altruistic or selfish? - U3127811
  4. Armed defence force motivation - What motivates people to join armed defence forces? - U3100338
  5. Binge drinking motivation in young people - What motivates binge drinking in young people? - U3083035
  6. Bipolar disorder and motivation in the work place - How does bipolar disorder influence motivation in the work place? - U3100696
  7. Boredom and motivation - What is the effect of boredom on motivation? - U3049669
  8. Brand name product purchase motivation - What motivates people to buy brand name products as opposed to the cheaper, and just as useful generic brands? - U3100080
  9. Bullying and pack behavior motivation in adolescents - What motivates adolescents to participate in group bullying? - U3105368
  10. Caffeine and exercise motivation - What is the effect of caffeine on exercise motivation? - U3100299
  11. Child sexual exploitation material access motivation - What motivates people to access, watch, and distribute CSEM and what can be done about it? - Aalcock
  12. Chocolate eating motivation - What motivates people to crave and eat chocolate? - U3119519
  13. Consumer motivation - What motives consumers to purchase? - U3081807zack
  14. Cystic fibrosis treatment motivation - How can motivation be maintained for continuous treatment of cystic fibrosis? - Bee Taylor
  15. Dance motivation - What motivates people to dance? - Chloe Mae C
  16. Defense mechanism motivation - What motivates the use of defense mechanisms? - U3077844
  17. Elective plastic surgery motivation - What motivates people to seek elective plastic surgery? - Iga.leszczynska
  18. Extreme emotions as motivation - What are the major emotions involved in motivation and what role do extreme emotions play in motivation? - Ekclements
  19. Empowerment motivation - What is empowerment and how can it be fostered in ourselves and others? - Melclancy28
  20. Exercise and motivation - What is the effect of physical exercise on motivation? - U3081348
  21. Exercise motivation in people living with dementia - How can motivation to exercise be developed in people living with dementia? - U3083687
  22. Exercise rehabilitation motivation in chronic disease patients - What are the motivations and perceived barriers for exercise rehabilitation in chronic disease patients? - U3096856
  23. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in elite athletes - What is the role of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation for elite athletes? - SimonHealey
  24. Extrinsic motivation and antisocial behaviour in children - How can extrinsic motivation be used to manage antisocial behaviour in children? – U3099083
  25. Family influences on academic motivation - How do families influence school-aged children’s academic motivation? - U3097561
  26. Filicide motivation - What motivates a parent to kill his or her child? - Tigeralee
  27. Group sport motivation - What motivates participation in group sports? - Ccgmjb
  28. High-risk business motivation - What motivates people to engage in high-risk business decisions? - Job89
  29. Illegal downloading motivation in Australia - What motivates people to illegally download copyrighted works and what is Australia doing to discourage this behaviour? - U3082322
  30. Impulsive behaviour in children - What motivates impulsive behaviour in children and how can it be effectively modified? - CJBush03
  31. Infanticide motivation - What motivates people to commit infanticide? - U3085835
  32. Internet addiction motivation - What motivates internet addiction? - U3046579
  33. Leadership motivation - What motivates some people to become leaders? - NeetiR
  34. Leaving violent relationship motivation for women - What motivates women to leave violent relationships?Burners67
  35. Life after death motivation - What motivates beliefs about life after death? - U3017556
  36. Luxury good purchase motivation - What motivates people to buy luxury goods? - U3092375
  37. Major depressive episodes and motivation - How do MDEs affect motivation? - U3083646
  38. Mastery and flow - What is the role of flow in motivating people to pursue excellence? - U118741
  39. Mastery motivation - What drives the pursuit of mastery? - U3098061
  40. Masturbation motivation - Why do people masturbate? - U3071369
  41. Motivational control theory of cognitive fatigue - What is the role of motivational control in managing cognitive fatigue? - Moyism
  42. Murder motivation - What motivates a person to intentionally kill another? - Matthew Svatos
  43. Nicotine and addiction: Why is nicotine addictive and what can be done about it? - U3097325
  44. Nootropics and motivation - What is the effect of smart drugs on motivation for study and work? - U3068952
  45. Overcoming learned helplessness - How can learned helplessness be overcome? - Eternity.hausen
  46. Paleolithic healthy food lifestyle motivation - What motivates people to have a paleolithic healthy food lifestyle? - U3083568
  47. Personality and achievement motivation - How does personality affect the motivation to achieve? - U3081508
  48. PhD drop-out and motivation - What are the motivational predictors of PhD drop-out? - U3069744
  49. Pole dancing motivation - What motivates people to do pole dancing? - AfiAyup
  50. Punctuality motivation - What motivates people to be on time? - U3100755
  51. Rape motivation - What motivates rape? - U3059210
  52. Reading motivation in young learners - How can teaching staff and parents motivate young learners to read? - David James Stevenson
  53. Revenge motivation - What motivates revenge and how does it affect us? - Turleyb
  54. Schizophrenia and motivation - What is the effect of schizophrenia on motivation and what can be done about it? - U3079526
  55. Self-esteem and motivation - What is the relationship between self-esteem and motivation? - Andrew J. T. Brown
  56. Serial killing motivation - What motivates serial killing? - U3096690
  57. Sex worker motivation - What motivates people to do sex work? - Woodsie335
  58. Sport team fandom motivation - What motivates sport team fandom? - U3114188
  59. Stress and achievement motivation - What are the effects of stress on achievement motivation? - U3096825
  60. Suicidal terrorism motivation - What motivates suicide attacks? - U3081677
  61. Texting while driving motivation - What motivates texting while driving, what are the consequences, and what can be done about it? - FanRachel
  62. Transtheoretical model of change and motivation - What is the transtheoretical model of change and how can it be used to motivate people to change? - Yevanne
  63. Travel motivation - What motivates people to seek out travel experiences? - U3096981
  64. Unconscious sources of attraction - What are the unconscious causes of romantic and sexual attraction? - U3148379
  65. Willpower - What is it and how can it be strengthened? - SVenter
  66. Workplace motivation and autonomy - What is the role of autonomy in workplace motivation? - Alex.N.Reynolds
  67. Workaholism motivation - What motivates workaholism and what can be done about it? - MorganPhillips
  68. Zeigarnik effect - How does the Zeigarnik affect motivation? - U943390


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  1. Adultery and emotion - What is the role of emotion in sexual cheating? - Jade E Baker
  2. Affect intensity - What is affect intensity and how does it affect our emotional lives? - U3052443
  3. Alcohol addiction and emotion - What role does emotion play in alcohol addiction? - U3096509
  4. Alexithymia - What is alexithymia, why does it matter, and what can be done about it? - U3036568
  5. Anger and decision-making - What is the effect of anger on decision-making? - U3068890
  6. Anger and violent behaviour - What is the effect of anger on violent behaviour? - U3096855
  7. Antisocial Personality Disorder and emotion - How does APD influence emotion and emotion recognition? - Em.Jacobs
  8. Anxiety and school refusal - What role does anxiety play in school refusal and what can be done about it? - U3084047
  9. Anxiety and weight - How does anxiety influence body weight? What can we do? - Becc z
  10. Attributions and arousal - How do attributions influence our experience of arousal? - U3096780
  11. Autism and emotional development - How does autism affect children's emotional development? - U3082917
  12. Breast cancer and anxiety in women - How does anxiety impact on women with breast cancer? - Bt1718
  13. Body modification and emotion - What is the role of emotion in body modification? - Sait1993
  14. Caffeine and anxiety - What is the effect of caffeine and caffeine withdrawal on anxiety? - U3100310
  15. Cannabis and negative emotions - What is the effect of cannabis on negative emotions? - KeshR94
  16. Climate change and mental health - What is the effect of climate change on mental health? - U3082926
  17. Cortisol and stress - How and why does cortisol influence stress? - Ucu3100383
  18. Depression in adolescence - What are the causes and consequences of depression in adolescence? - Joshfking
  19. Depression in older adults - What are the risk factors for depression in older adults and what can be done about it? - U3096614
  20. Digestive system and emotion - What influence does the gut microbiome have on emotion? - Tessa Power
  21. Domestic violence and emotion regulation in children - How does domestic violence affect children's ability to regulate their emotions? - 3083783ro
  22. Down syndrome and emotion - How does Down syndrome influence emotional experience? - U3100051
  23. Dyslexia and anxiety in children - What is the effect of dyslexia on children’s anxiety? - U3094958
  24. Emotional Freedom Techniques - What is EFT, how does it work, and what is the evidence? - U3048330
  25. Emotional manipulation and control within relationships - How and why does this occur and what are the emotional effects? - U3113687
  26. Emotion duration - Which emotions last the longest and why? - Uu3148421
  27. Emotion elicition using film - How can emotions be reliably induced in laboratory settings using film? - Unicancan
  28. Emotion-focused therapy - What is EFT, how does it work, and what does research say about its effectiveness? - Sgerstenberg
  29. Emotional labour dimensions, antecedents, and consequences - What are dimensions, antecedents, and consequences of emotional labour? - Queeeenbeeee
  30. Empathy and emotional well-being - What is the role of empathy in emotional well-being? - Connorkaye
  31. Endorphins and emotion - What is the effect of endorphins on emotion and what are the mechanisms for these effects? - TillyHarper
  32. Eustress - What is it, how does it work, and how can we use it? - U3053592
  33. Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy and emotion - What is the effect of EMDR therapy on emotion and what is the cause of these effects? - Janinemdufour
  34. Fear of missing out - What is FOMO and how does it affect us? - Freyaries
  35. Flashbulb memories and emotion - How do flashbulb memories affect emotion? - U3071368
  36. Gardening and emotion - How does gardening influence emotion? - U3068383
  37. Grief and health – How does grief affect physical and psychological health?U3150189
  38. Guilt and motherhood - Why do some mothers experience guilt and what can be done to alleviate it? - U3100474
  39. Hanger - Why do people sometimes feel hangry and how can it be handled? - U3036889
  40. Height and mental health - Is height related to mental health? Why and what can be done about it? - U3096927
  41. Hot memory and emotion - What is the 'hot memory' system and how does it work compared to a cool memory system? - 1994BG
  42. Human interaction and emotion - How do our emotions affect the way we interact with others? - Massadi 92
  43. Illegitimate children and emotion - What are the emotional impacts of being an illegitimate child? - U3097062
  44. Inauthenticy and emotional distress - What is the effect of inauthenticy on our emotions? - Briwest
  45. Kindness and happiness - What effect does being kind to others have on one's happiness? - Goldraspberry
  46. Laughter and emotion - What is the effect of laughter on emotion and why do these effects occur? - U3075297
  47. Love and lust - What is the relationship between romantic love and sexual motivation? - U3084840
  48. Lövheim cube of emotion - What is the Lövheim cube of emotion? - Rose1610
  49. MDMA and psychotherapy - What are the effects of MDMA in conjunction with psychotherapy? - U3096481
  50. Meditative colouring and stress - How does meditative colouring reduce the levels of stress or anxiety of an individual? - U3100543
  51. Menstrual cycle and emotion - How and why do emotions vary during the menstrual cycle? - U3096823
  52. Mindfulness and anxiety – How can mindfulness help to manage anxiety? - U3065920
  53. Mindfulness meditation and happiness - How does mindfulness meditation influence happiness? - U3096894
  54. Mood variation over the week - How does affect vary across days of the week? - U3083676
  55. National and cultural happiness - To what extent does membership of a specific nation or culture affect self-reported happiness and life evaluation? - u3134289
  56. Neurobiology of romantic love - What are the neurobiological components of romantic love? - U116040
  57. Norepinephrine and emotional disorders - What role does norepinephrine play in emotional disorders? - David M&E7124
  58. Prefrontal cortex and emotion - What role does the prefrontal cortex play in emotion? - U3100230
  59. Procrastination, moods, and emotion - What role do moods and emotion play in procrastination? - Zac.webster
  60. Psychopathy and emotion - What problems do psychopaths experience in processing and interpreting emotional stimuli? - U3100415
  61. Running and depression - What role can running play in the treatment of depression? - U3096454!
  62. Schadenfreude - Why do we feel pleasure in the suffering of others? - U3081455
  63. Season and emotion - How are our emotions affected by the seasons? - U3100589
  64. Selective mutism and emotional well-being - What is the effect of selective mutism on emotional well-being? - U3097090
  65. Self-esteem and happiness - What is the relationship between self-esteem and happiness? - U3083545
  66. Sex crime victim emotion - How do sex crimes affect victims' emotions? - MFatUC
  67. Stolen Generations and emotion - What have been the long-term emotional impacts of child removal on survivors of the Stolen Generations? - U3096609
  68. Stress physiology - What are the physiological components of stress? - U3100107
  69. Suppression of benevolent emotion - Why do people suppress benevolent interpersonal feelings, what are the consequences, and what can be done about? - U3052056
  70. Stress and infertility - How does stress impact fertility? - U3040525
  71. Trans-cranial direct current stimulation and depression - How can TCDS help to treat depression? - U862525
  72. Video games and emotion - How do video games affect players' emotions? - Komali 21

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