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  1. Improve your life - Applying science about motivation and emotion - Jtneill & Rfoster
  2. Pearls of wisdom - A nugget of advice from each chapter - Jtneill & Rfoster


  1. Achievement motivation - What is it? How can it be fostered?Icone-Etoile.svg - Wikitwit
  2. Addiction - What motivates us to pursue unwanted addictive behaviour and how can this be stopped?Icone-Etoile.svg - Jackson997
  3. Aggression - What is the role of aggression and how can aggressive tendencies be managed?Estrella roja.svg - Tyrtaeus
  4. Alcohol motivation - What motivates people to drink and how can this be safely managed?Icone-Etoile.svg - Amayo
  5. Altruism - What motivates us to help others? - Typify
  6. Avoidance motivation - Fear of failure and its affect on performance and mental healthEstrella roja.svg - Bwest9
  7. Competitiveness - How does it influence motivation?Icone-Etoile.svg - Rednoodles
  8. Creativity - How can we become more creative? - U3043705
  9. Criminality - The motivations behind it and ways to prevent it - Michelle.n
  10. Dissonance - The motivational power of dissonance and how you can use it - Danielle.d
  11. Eating
    1. Healthy eating - What motivates healthy eating and how can this be fostered? - Kayla
    2. Self-regulation of overeating - What causes overeating and how to get it under control?Icone-Etoile.svg - Claremw
    3. Weight loss motivation - How is motivation involved in initiating, achieving, and maintaining weight loss?Icone-Etoile.svg - Jessica.h
  12. Exercise motivation - How to get fitness motivation and how to keep it going - Camo 13
  13. Extreme achievers - What motivates them and how can others do what they do? - EFA
  14. Feedback - The power of feedback for enhancing motivation and performanceIcone-Etoile.svg - Marko12
  15. Flow - How optimal experience can lead to greater productivity and happiness - Trinand
  16. Gambling - Do extrinsic and intrinsic motivations to gamble facilitate well-being? - AlexMC
  17. Hypnosis - How effective is hypnosis in changing motivation? - U895075
  18. Infidelity - What drives us to cheat? And what can we do to prevent blindness of monogamy? - Lucas K1
  19. Learned helplessness - How we learn to give up - JayAr
  20. Learned optimism - Is it possible to tweak your natural disposition?Estrella roja.svg - Roald2
  21. Leaving home - Why do people stay at home? Why do they leave? - Mlac
  22. Managing life change - How to get where you want to be - U3033746
  23. Maslow's hierarchy of needs - Prioritising your needs and reaching towards self-actualisation - Skachwalla
  24. Peer influence in adolescence - The motivational power of peer influence and how to stay true to youIcone-Etoile.svg - ShaunaB
  25. Personality
    1. Risk-taking - Why do we take risks? What are the consequences of risk-taking and how can risk-taking be managed healthily? - Katie-marie88
    2. Rule-breaking - What motivates rule-breaking? When and why do people break rules? (e.g., laws and norms?) - Yapp84
    3. Sensation seeking - How does it affect your life? - KristaLeanne
  26. Procrastination - Why it happens, and how to beat it - U3036254
  27. Self
    1. Self-determination theory - How autonomy, competence and relatedness can make you more motivated - Sotirios
    2. Self-image - What motivates it and how to improve it? - Scarney1290
    3. Self-efficacy - Believing in oneself: How self efficacy can motivate us? - EamesA
  28. Sexual motivation - What drives sexual behaviour? - SKM1501
  29. Social needs - How do basic social needs enhance well-being and self-improvement? - U3025302
  30. Social needs 2 - How do basic social needs enhance well-being and self-improvement? - U3035473
  31. Social support and achievement - How to use social support to help you achieve your goals - Mike.j
  32. Spiritual and religious motivation - What is the nature of human's spiritual motivation and religiosity? - Uzi
  33. Sport participation - What motivates life-long sport participation? - U881426
  34. Self-efficacy and achievement - What role does self-efficacy play in determining people's achievement outcomes? - Raw george
  35. Time management - What are the secrets of successful time management?Estrella roja.svg - Livy194
  36. Violent video games - Do violent video games motivate aggressive behaviour? What guidelines can be offered? - Atice 01
  37. Volunteerism - What motivates volunteers?Icone-Etoile.svg - Crazydaisy
  38. Work motivation and work satisfaction - How they can be enhanced? - Flow


  1. Managing and changing emotion
    1. Animals and emotion - How connection with animals can affect emotion and well-being - Jemmasanderson
    2. Dealing with conflict - How to manage emotions for effective conflict resolution - Courtney.reis
    3. Emotion and body language - What can body language tell us about people's emotions? - U990911
    4. Emotional control vs. emotional expressiveness - Is it better to keep emotions in or to let them out?Estrella roja.svg - U990911
    5. Emotional intelligence - What is it? Do you have it? How can it be developed?Icone-Etoile.svg - U112052
    6. Emotional intelligence in children - How does emotion and emotional understanding develop in children? - Paton3027789
    7. Handling stress - The effect of stress on emotion and how emotion can be managed in challenging situationsIcone-Etoile.svg - Psych_125
    8. Mindfulness - How effective is mindfulness in managing emotions?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3067255
    9. Music and emotion - How can music be used to influence emotion?Icone-Etoile.svg - Jaybay
    10. Negative thinking and emotion - How does negative thinking impact on emotion? - Mexicanita
    11. Psychological resilience - What is it and how can it be developed? - Imago
    12. Sleep and negative emotions - How can sleep effect our emotions?Estrella roja.svg - Momentai
    13. Stress and emotional health - Understanding and minimising negative effects - WestS
    14. Toxic workplace - Surviving the emotional consequences - Magnolia
  2. Consumerism and emotion - How retailers appeal to emotion through the senses and make you impulse buyIcone-Etoile.svg - HarryMMM
  3. Specific emotions
    1. Anger - Understanding and managing anger - I.REID
    2. Forgiveness - What is it and how to do it - Naomi
    3. Disgust - Understanding and managing disgust - Callum6052
    4. Empathy - How and why to empathise - Ltb
    5. Envy - What is it and how do we manage it? - EssDubz
    6. Fear - Understanding and managing the ever present phantom of emotion - Diego418
    7. Grief - What it is and how to manage itIcone-Etoile.svg - Reid Morris
    8. Love - What is it and why does it happen? - Cowboy Dan
    9. Shame - Avoiding the shame gameIcone-Etoile.svg - Jeanette
  4. Eating
    1. Eating and emotion - Do your emotions really effect your eating? - Ashleetronerud
    2. Diet, weight loss, and emotion - What is the role of emotion in diet control and weight loss? - Aimesch
  5. Facial expression - How and why we communicate emotions through facial expressions - Tashc
  6. Growth psychology
    1. Emotional development - How do emotions develop and change through childhood and adulthood? - NLR
    2. Eudaimonic well-being - Why it matters more than happiness - Susann
    3. Growth through adversity - Why meaning mattersIcone-Etoile.svg - Jay-bird
    4. Trauma recovery and growth - What emotions are involved in trauma and trauma recovery, and how can post-traumatic growth be fostered?Icone-Etoile.svg - LanaJ
  7. Happiness - What is it and how to get it - Laura.smith
    1. Change and happiness - What attitudes and beliefs do happy people have about dealing with change? - Shanti
    2. Cognitions and happiness - The power of thought - How does the way you think affect the way we feel? - A-bryant
    3. Competitiveness and happiness - Why being overly competitive can make you unhappy - U3014461
    4. Goal-setting and happiness - What sorts of goals lead to happiness? - Maz
    5. Nature and psychological well-being - How to use nature to make you happy and improve your lifeIcone-Etoile.svg - Noodles&Wedges
    6. Relationships and happiness - What is the role of social relationships in happiness?Icone-Etoile.svg - TabithaJ
    7. Sleep and happiness - What is the effect of sleep on happiness? - Benk
  8. Online social networking - What motivates participation and how does it make people feel? - Blondlox