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Motivation and emotion book 2011 info

This is a free and open online book which focuses on using psychological knowledge about motivation and emotion to help humans improve their lives.

For more info, see:

  1. Topic selection
  2. Book guidelines
  3. Marking criteria
  4. 2010 textbook
  5. Unselected topics: 2010, 2011

Overview[edit | edit source]

  1. This emerging academic-authored free and open book is being written as a learning and assessment exercise. Third-year year psychology students will mostly be the authors, although others are also welcome to write, contribute, and provide feedback.
  2. Participants are currently signing up for topics of choice. (First in, best dressed). Then we will develop chapter plans, chapter drafts, interactive learning features, and an accompanying 5 min. video.
  3. Authors should consult book chapter guidelines and marking criteria.

Emphasis for 2011[edit | edit source]

  1. Chapters should aim to appeal to a broad audience interested in how insights from psychological science can be used to understand and improve their motivational and emotional lives
  2. Combination of theoretical, research and practical ("how to - in the real world")
  3. Shorter, punchier chapters than 2010 (which had unlimited word count)
  4. Target: Intelligent lay audience, i.e., written in a user-friendly, accessible way, based on, and referencing, best available psychological science.
  5. In 2011, we are aiming for the best-seller section of popular psychology-based self-help books. (In 2010, the target was an undergrad academic textbook audience.)
  6. The 2011 assessment for the wiki chapter includes 10% for social contribution (i.e., contributions to the book which go beyond one's primary chapter)

Possible topics[edit | edit source]

  1. Choose from the growing list of topics below or suggest your own topic (which will be subject to further discussion and refinement).
  2. Choice of topic can and should reflect the author's personal interests, but should also target a motivation and emotion topic of practical use to a broad public audience.