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Emotion refers to short-lasting affective states which occur in response to significant life events.

Emotions are complex - they involve physiology, cognition, behaviour, and social communications, as well as feelings. However, the main reason for the occurrence of different emotions is that they each serve a motivational function.

Types of emotion[edit]

Some of the main types of emotion are:

Emotion causes[edit]

Model of emotion (Reeve, 2015)

The causes of emotion are debated; they could be caused primarily by:

  • physiological responses first, followed by cognitive interpretation
  • cognitive responses first, followed by physiological responses
  • a combination of physiological and cognitive responses

Emotion images[edit]

What emotions do you think are depicted in each of these images?

To find more emotion pictures, visit the Motivation and Emotion gallery or go to the emotions category on Wiki Commons.

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