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Understanding and improving our motivational and emotional lives
using psychological science (2019)

Motivation[edit | edit source]

  1. Autonomy support and educational motivation in primary school - What role does autonomy support play in education motivation and how can it be fostered in primary schools? - Brynn Courtney
  2. Autotelic personality motivation - What motivates the autotelic personality? - U3175511
  3. Bulimia nervosa and extrinsic motivation - What extrinsic motivational factors contribute to anorexia nervosa? - U3174167
  4. Choice theory - What is Glasser's choice theory and how can it be applied?Icone-Etoile.svg- U3040836
  5. Cocaine use and motivation - What motivates people to use cocaine? - U3096876
  6. Consumer purchase honesty and dishonesty - What motivates consumers to behave honestly or dishonestly when purchasing goods or services? - U3174008
  7. Criminal recidivism prevention motivation - What motivational tools can be used to prevent criminal recidivism? - Beth Matthews
  8. Criminal record self-stigma and motivation - How does self-stigma affect the motivation of people with a criminal record to rehabilitate and reintegrate?Icone-Etoile.svg - Maddiebunday
  9. Death penalty motivation - What motivates people to support the death penalty?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3125721
  10. Delay discounting and motivation - What role does delay discounting play in motivation? - U3170158
  11. Doomsday prepping motivation - What motivates doomsday prepping? - U3175262
  12. Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and long-term goal pursuit - What role does the dorsolateral PFC play in pursuing long-term goals?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3195279
  13. Entrepreneurship motivation - What motivates entrepreneurship? - U3169639
  14. Episodic memory and planning - What role does episodic memory play in planning?Estrella roja.svg - U3176958
  15. Expectancy-value theory of achievement motivation - What is EVT and how can it be applied? - U3100384
  16. Exergaming and fitness motivation - How does exergaming affect fitness motivation?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3144248
  17. Factitious disorder and malingering motivation - What motivates factitious disorder and malingering?Icone-Etoile.svg - Demimimimi
  18. Female killer motivation - What motivates females to kill others?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3160373
  19. Flexible work arrangements and work motivation - What is the effect of flexible work arrangements on work motivation? - U3160475
  20. False confession motivation - What motivates people to falsely confess to crimes?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3178335
  21. Gender transformation motivation - What motivates gender transformation? - U3160551
  22. Goal framing theory: What is goal framing theory and how can it be applied? - Samuel Moorby
  23. Growth mindset development - How can a growth mindset be developed?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3172958
  24. Habitual instigation and habitual execution - What role do habitual instigation and habitual execution play in behaviour? - U3162033
  25. Hate crime motivation - What motivates people to engage in hate crime?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3175365
  26. Honesty-humility and work performance - What is the relationship between honest-humility and work performance? - Romainl97
  27. Hope and motivation - In what ways does hope influence our motivational lives? - U3177509
  28. Imagery in sport - How can imagery techniques be used to improve sporting performance?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - Sunbear25
  29. Implementation intentions - What are implementation intentions and what role do they play in motivating goal striving? - U3176966
  30. Indigenous Australian transgenerational trauma and psychological well-being - How does the transgenerational maltreatment of Indigenous people affect their psychological well-being?Icone-Etoile.svg - Andrew11235
  31. Intention-behaviour gap - What is the intention-behaviour gap and how can it be bridged?Maroons de Montréal.svg - U3175218
  32. Locus of control and motivation - What is the relationship between LOC and motivation? - Sarah.hugill
  33. Mania and motivation - How does mania affect motivation and what are the implications for psychological treatment?Icone-Etoile.svg - Laniesterrett
  34. Mobile phone use while driving motivation - What motivates mobile phone use while driving? - JaydenG3
  35. Motivation measurement - How can motivation be measured? - Nmilligan
  36. Multi-tasking and productivity - What is the relationship between multi-tasking and productivity? - U3160221
  37. Motivational intensity theory - What is MIT and how can it be applied?Maroons de Montréal.svg - Joshgrain
  38. Motivation to overcome substance use addiction - What motivates people to overcome substance abuse addiction?Estrella roja.svg - U3155259
  39. Novelty seeking - What motivates novelty seeking? - Tahnee Smithers
  40. Online disinhibition effect - What is the ODE, why does it occur, and what are its implications? - Marce1688
  41. Outdoor education and achievement motivation - What is the effect of outdoor education on achievement motivation?Estrella roja.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3068778
  42. Organisational change motivation - How can leaders build a culture of agility, adaptability, and resilience to deal with a constantly changing workplace?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3092376
  43. Pathological lying motivation - What motivates pathological lying? - 3161929
  44. Postpartum return to work motivation - What motivates and what discourages postpartum return to work? - U3065611
  45. Post-traumatic stress effects on achievement motivation in adolescents - What effects does post-traumatic stress have on adolescent achievement motivation?Estrella roja.svg - TimothytWard
  46. Prototype willingness model - What is the prototype willingness model and how can it be applied? - U3158471
  47. Psychological need satisfaction and body image - What is the relationship between psychological need satisfaction and body image?Estrella roja.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3174200
  48. Regulatory focus theory and goal pursuit - How does RFT explain goal pursuit?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3147281
  49. Rewards, punishments, and social cooperation - How do rewards and punishments facilitate social cooperation? - U3175650
  50. Risk taking and emotion in financial markets - How do emotional biases influence investing decision making and risk taking behaviour? - CMIV
  51. Risky shift motivation - What motivates risky shift? - U3144217
  52. Sedentary behaviour change - How can sedentary behaviour be changed?Estrella roja.svg - U3175264
  53. Self-concept clarity - What is self-concept clarity, why does it matter, and how is it developed? - U3114966
  54. Sharenting motivation - What motivates sharenting and what are the consequences?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - Maddkilby
  55. Stalking motivation - What motivates a person to stalk and how can it be prevented? - U3165244
  56. Status quo bias - What is the SQB and how does it influence our decision-making? - Cass1804
  57. Stimming motivation - What is stimming and what motivates people to do it?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3173480
  58. Sunk cost fallacy motivation - What is the SCF and how does it influence our motivation and decision-making?Icone-Etoile.svg - Aalto Bowers
  59. Tax evasion motivation - What motivates tax evasion and what can be done about it? - Jackmccann021
  60. Testosterone, winning, and losing - What is the relationship between winning, losing, and testosterone? - Jashankhattra20
  61. Two-factor motivation theory - What is the two-factor theory of motivation and how can it be applied?Maroons de Montréal.svg - BMPENFOLD
  62. Unconscious motivation - What role does the unconscious play in motivation?Estrella roja.svg - U3158725
  63. Union membership motivation - Why do people join and why do people not join or leave workers' unions? - Phil B. Prout
  64. Volunteer tourism motivation - What motivates volunteer tourism?Estrella roja.svg - Chelsey.mcnair
  65. Voyeurism motivation - What motivates voyeurism?Estrella roja.svg - U3162204
  66. WOOP model of motivation - What is the WOOP model of motivation and how can it be applied?Maroons de Montréal.svg - U3118869
  67. Workplace stress and motivation - How does workplace stress affect motivation? - U3160654

Emotion[edit | edit source]

  1. Abortion and emotion - What are the emotional effects of abortion?Icone-Etoile.svg - CaraDillon
  2. Affective computing - What is affective computing and how can it be used? - Nimraaanaz
  3. Affect regulation theory - What is ART and how can it be applied? - Quinopop
  4. Alcohol, dopamine, and emotion - What role does dopamine play in emotional responses to alcohol consumption? - Tomu3138325
  5. Anger evolution - How and why did anger evolve and what are the implications? - U3148285
  6. Anti-anxiety drugs - What are anti-anxiety drugs, how do they work, and how effective are they? - U3148196
  7. Asylum seeker detention and emotional well-being - What are the effects of detention on on asylum seeker emotional well-being? - Madeline Podmore
  8. Being too happy - What are the consequences of being too happy? - NPLeach
  9. Betrayal and emotion - What are the emotional effects of betrayal and what can be done about it? - U3100177
  10. Biophilia hypothesis and emotion - What are the emotional implications of the BH and how can this be applied? - Ems83
  11. Body image and emotional well-being - How does body image influence one's emotional well being? - Emilymking
  12. Body image flexibility - What is BIF, what are its effects on well-being, and how can it be developed?Estrella roja.svg - U3144185
  13. Boredom and emotion - What are the emotional precursors to, and consequences of, boredom?- Haylzw
  14. Brain circuits and emotion - What are the emotional brain circuits and what are their effects on our emotional lives? - U3175271
  15. Burn survivor emotion - What are the emotional consequences of burn injury and how can they be dealt with?Maroons de Montréal.svg -U3161650
  16. Circumplex model of affect - What is the circumplex model and how does it impact on our emotional lives? - EmmaHagerty
  17. Climate change anxiety - What is climate change anxiety and what can be done about it? - U3177481
  18. Cognitive reappraisal of emotion - What is cognitive reappraisal of emotion and how can it used to improve emotional regulation? - U3173738
  19. Conservation of resources theory - How does COR theory explain stress and how can it be used for stress management? - U3160483
  20. Consumer emotion measurement - How can consumer emotion be measured? - U3175365
  21. Criminal record stigma and emotion - How does the stigma of having a criminal record affect a person's emotions?Estrella roja.svg - U3178428
  22. Dark humour - Why do we enjoy dark humour?Maroons de Montréal.svg - Dunlapd
  23. Death anxiety stages - What are the stages of death anxiety and how do they influence the dying experience?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3173699
  24. Deference emotion system - What is the deference-emotion system, how does it work, and what are its implications? - U3161596
  25. Dialectical behaviour therapy - What is DBT and how does it work? - U3161374
  26. Disgust and vegetarianism and veganism - What role does disgust play in vegetarianism and veganism?Icone-Etoile.svg - Lanau3186551
  27. Effective apology - What are the ingredients of an effective apology?Maroons de Montréal.svg - Briannathefox
  28. Emotional abuse - What is emotional abuse and what are its consequences?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3169884
  29. Emotional authenticity - What is emotional authenticity and how can it be developed? - U3141219
  30. Emotional intelligence and anti-social behaviour - How can emotional intelligence facilitate and be utilised for anti-social behaviour? - U3054327
  31. Emotional responses to social robots – What emotional responses do people have to social robots? - Piscesau
  32. Emotion suppression - Why are emotions suppressed and what are the consequences?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3048559
  33. Empathogens and empathy - What are empathogens and how do they affect empathy? - U3158296
  34. Empathy and forgiveness - What role does empathy play in forgiveness? - Myfanwyb
  35. Empty nest syndrome - What is the empty nest syndrome and what can be done about it? - U3178669
  36. Environmental self-identity - What is environmental self-identity and what impact does it have on emotion and behaviour?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3117640
  37. Evolutionary perspective of happiness - What does an evolutionary perspective of happiness tell us about how to be happy?Maroons de Montréal.svg - U3158833
  38. Exam stress - What are the effects of exam stress and what can be done about it? - U3161730
  39. Exercise types and emotion - What is the effect of different types of exercise on emotion? - Cduff297
  40. Executive functioning and emotion regulation - What role does executive functioning play in emotion regulation? - U3173638
  41. Food and fear - What impact does the food we eat have on our experience of the emotion of fear?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - Uni.GLC
  42. Guilt - Why do we experience guilt, what are its consequences, and how can it be managed? - U3174136
  43. Hope and emotion - What role does hope play in our emotional lives? - U3174024
  44. Job satisfaction - What are the main ingredients for job satisfaction?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3156463
  45. Junk food and psychological distress - What is the relationship between eating junk food and psychological distress?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3141421
  46. Hope theory - What is hope theory and how can it be applied? - U3175664
  47. Ketamine and emotion - What are the emotional effects of ketamine? BellaMurray
  48. Leisure and flow - What is the relationship between leisure and psychological flow? - U3175278
  49. Life satisfaction - What are the main ingredients for life satisfaction?Maroons de Montréal.svg - U3176789
  50. Mass media and emotion - How is emotion utilised in mass media?Estrella roja.svg - DHummer
  51. Menopause and emotion - What are the effects of menopause on emotion? - U3177076
  52. Methamphetamine and emotion - What is the effect of methamphetamine on emotion?Estrella roja.svg - U3176290
  53. Mindfulness and sporting performance - What is the effect of mindfulness on sporting performance? - Oli1234567890987654321
  54. Morality and emotion - What role do emotions play in morality?Estrella roja.svg - U3069703
  55. Mother-child emotion talk - How do mothers talk to young children about emotions?Icone-Etoile.svg - Kaylah-3163515
  56. Near-death experiences and emotion - What emotions are involved during and following NDEs?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3173837
  57. Opioid system and human emotion - What role does the opioid system play in human emotion?Icone-Etoile.svg - P-Chan77
  58. Outdoor education and emotional development - What is the effect of outdoor education on emotional development?Estrella roja.svg - U3163831
  59. Passion and well-being - What is the relationship between passion and well-being? - U3117655
  60. Peacefulness and well-being - What are peaceful emotions and how do they affect well-being? - U3151962
  61. Peak experiences and emotion - What is the role of emotion in peak experiences? - U3161960
  62. Perfectionism and depression - What is the relationship between perfectionism and depression?Maroons de Montréal.svg - U3143168
  63. Personality and emotion - What is the relationship between personality and emotion? - U3170393
  64. Phobias - What are phobias and how can they be dealt with?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - U3162449
  65. Positive education - What is positive education and how can it be applied? - U3190580
  66. Psilocybin and emotion - What are the emotional effects of psilocybin?Icone-Etoile.svg - KRR267
  67. Psychedelic drugs and emotion - What are the emotional effects of psychedelic drugs?Icone-Etoile.svg - Matthewshats97
  68. Psychological flexibility and emotional health - What is psychological flexibility and what role does it play in emotional health? - U3174128
  69. Relationship commitment phobia - What is it and how can it be dealt with?Estrella roja.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - KBPrimrose
  70. Relative deprivation and emotion - What is the effect of relative deprivation on emotion?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3160677
  71. Road rage - What are the psychological causes of road rage behaviour and how can road rage be prevented?Icone-Etoile.svg - DaleHulm
  72. Self-forgiveness - What is self-forgiveness, how can we self-forgive, and what are the effects of self-forgiveness? - U3177340
  73. Sense of coherence - What is SOC, what are its effects, and how can it be developed?Estrella roja.svg - Ellenpeisley
  74. Social support and emotion - What effect does social support have on emotion?Icone-Etoile.svg - MPollard10
  75. Social affective sharing and emotion regulation - What is social affective sharing and how can it be used to regulate emotion?Estrella roja.svg - U3160171
  76. Social comparison, social media, and emotion - How does social comparison on social media affect emotion?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3145293
  77. Stress and diet - What is the relationship between stress and diet?Icone-Etoile.svg - U3182366
  78. Theory of constructed emotion - What is the theory of constructed emotion and how can it be applied? - U3173742
  79. Values in Action framework of strengths - What is the VIA framework and how can it be applied? - User:U3075810
  80. Vicarious post-traumatic growth - What is VPTG and what are the key determinants?Icone-Etoile.svgMaroons de Montréal.svg - Elle o you jay
  81. Zone of optimal functioning hypothesis - What is the ZOFH and how can it be applied? - Et3115009

Motivation and emotion[edit | edit source]

  1. Thai cave rescue motivation and emotion - What aspects of human motivation and emotion were involved in the Thai cave rescue? - BekRad
  2. Ventral tegmental area and motivation and emotion - What role does the VTA play in motivation and emotion?Icone-Etoile.svg - Jovana Acevska