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University of Canberra (UC) is a mid-size, mid-ranked Australian university with an emphasis on applied and professional learning and research. For more information about this university, see University of Canberra (Wikipedia).

UC's 2013-2017 strategic plan emphasises developing greater flexible learning and international engagement.

A growing number of UC academics and emerging academics are working towards wider adoption of open academic practices such as the use of Wikiversity. This page lists a range of resources and projects related to this work.


UC exists for the following purposes[1]:

  1. To provide education which offers high quality transformative experiences to everyone suitably qualified, whatever their stage of life and irrespective of their origins.
  2. To engage in research and creative practice which are of high quality and aim to make an early and important difference to the world around us.
  3. To contribute, through our education and research, to the building of just, prosperous, healthy and sustainable communities which are committed to redressing disadvantage and reconciliation with Australia’s Indigenous peoples.

Everything else - buildings, campuses, structures, titles, hierarchies, pomp, circumstance, (even committees) - may change over time if that is what is required to carry out our purposes.


Currently active topics are in bold:

  1. Flexibly-enabled learning resources checklist
  2. SAFFIRE, 2013-2014
  3. Innovation
  4. Ranking


These University of Canberra staff accounts have contributed to Wikiversity:

Teaching units on Wikiversity[edit]

Several units taught by staff at UC are available on Wikiversity in various forms of completeness:

Unit (current) Convener
Sport coaching pedagogy Keith Lyons
Exercise and metabolic disease Ben Rattray
Motivation and emotion James Neill
Sport event management Robin McConnell
Sport research Ben Rattray
Survey research and design in psychology James Neill
The sport workplace Robin McConnell
Unit (not current or in development) Convener
Advanced ANOVA James Neill
Psychology 102 James Neill
Social Media Leigh Blackall
Social psychology (psychology) James Neill
Government-Business Relations Michael de Percy
Business, politics and sport Leigh Blackall
Composing educational resources Leigh Blackall
Using social media for teaching and research Leigh Blackall and James Neill
Using the internet for learning and research Leigh Blackall and Ben Rattray
Wikis for research Leigh Blackall


Many UC staff, ex-staff, and some students are in this list:


Current staff
Past staff

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