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Scholarship information[edit | edit source]

Wikimedia Australia has allocated $10,000 to grants for attendance to the RecentChangesCamp in Canberra in January 2012. While the dates are not confirmed yet, scholarship applications are open.

The decision can be found in the committee meeting minutes:

Anyone can apply by emailing comm[@]wikimedia[.]org[.]au, providing a bit of background about yourself (wiki bio and/or real world bio, as applicable), why you would like to attend, and how much financial assistance you are requesting.

We are especially interested in assisting people from states and nearby countries who, without a grant, would be unlikely to attend due to travel costs. (WA, Tas, NT, NZ, etc)

Preference will be given to members, but please pass this on to non-members who you think would benefit from attendance.

Early applications will be more likely to be successful, as that allows flight costs to be locked in early & more cheaply.

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