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Critical care nursing

Welcome[edit | edit source]

This is a teaching and learning project to support critical care nurses and colleagues in providing contemporary evidence based care and information for patients and their families.

We welcome all health professionals who care for patients within the scope of critical illness (ED, ICU, CCU, OT, outreach, retrieval etc) who wish to create a clinical education resource site. Please contact Holly Northam if you would like more information at or +61 412 289 295

News[edit | edit source]

From the ACCCN The World Sepsis Declaration calls on the world to take immediate steps to reduce the global burden of sepsis securing the provision of resources and political backing for the priority actions needed to achieve them.

On September 13th the first World Sepsis Day will be launched worldwide as one of the initiatives of the World Sepsis Alliance in which ACCCN is a member, to improve both public and professional awareness of sepsis as a leading cause of death worldwide.

The official website is at where you can access resources for your own event in addition to the attached flyers. Facebook page

Have you seen the interesting ACCCN / ICCMU event “Beyond the Books- Applying theory to practice in critical care” on our website? Heard about it from colleagues? You know the one – at Rydges Parramatta on the 23-24th November. You’ve heard last years was a roaring success? Would love to attend but feel you cannot so close to year end?

ACCCN and ICCMU are offering 4 rural and 6 NSW scholarships for the full 2 day registration to Beyond the Books Please click here for further information

Applications close at 1700 hours on Friday 12th October 2012 Please email your application to: or post to ACCCN, Locked Bag 8, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Fabulous opportunites for scholarships administered by Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH)are available [1]

Semester 2, 2012 has started and the Critical Care nursing practice unit (8050) had the opportunity of being orientated to the ACT Ambulance Service by John Slater, a very experienced paramedic and educator.

It was tremendous to welcome new students into the combined online and intensive pathophysiology unit! A fantastic opportunity to build inter professional learning and team work opportunities between this group. You all come from a wide range of geographic and practice settings. Please feel free to join in and contribute to this site. I am learning (as you will see) and I hope you will all both learn and teach as we create a great tool. We have a visiting PhD critical care nursing candidate from Turkey to join us this week. A fabulous opportunity to share expertise and build our community of practice from our colleagues around the world.

Holly Northam hosted a wiki workshop to develop this Wikiversity page. Keith Lyons facilitated the workshop. The workshop was held in the Teaching Commons' Hothouse Studio (Room 1C49a) on the afternoon of 24 May 2012. We had the opportunity to discuss creative ideas about how to manage the continuous stream of emerging information that is available to inform 'better' practice. Amongst some of the useful ideas discussed were the importance of building the community of practice.

Two new users joined the group Critcarenurse and Salogue It is great to welcome colleagues who can build the vision.

Blog post about starting this page.

Innovations[edit | edit source]

We all know managing infection is a huge problem in hospitals, and fixing hand washing behaviours key to's a great innovation that I suspect will 'go viral'[2]

Professional Practice Resources[edit | edit source]

Here are some useful professional sites that underpin our practice.

Nursing and Midwifery registration details and requirements can be accessed through the Australian Health Practictioner Regulation Agency APHRA. The Australian College of Critical Care Nurses and College of Emergency Nurses Australasia are the professional organisations that strongly contribute to the growth and development of critical care nursing in Australia.

Have you got some other professional bodies we should include?Holly Northam (talk) 13:06, 24 May 2012 (UTC)

Are you aware of how many elements contribute to poor outcomes in the work environment? [3] provides some great pointers to 6 factors that contribute to errors 6 factors that contribute to errors. How many of these apply to where you work? Have you found solutions?