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Pre-camp dinner, Thursday 19 Jan

Please join us for dinner in Dickson the night before RCC starts, if you can. Please add your name to the list below so we can ensure we have enough places booked.

Where: Fekerte's Ethiopian Cuisine. Address: 74/2 Cape St, Dickson, ACT. A short bus or car trip from Civic (city centre), or a nice long walk. When: We've booked for 7 pm, Thursday 19 Jan 2012. Vegetarian/vegan options: Yes (traditional Ethiopian Orthodox Church "fasting food") Cost: Main dishes are $21 for veg, or $25-28 for meat/fish; entrees and salads are $7-14. Contact: call Chris if lost or confused - 0439 471 632.

Are you coming?[edit | edit source]

Please add yourself. (Note, Laura has some other people's names, so it will be more than just those here):

  • Laura Hale
  • Chris Watkins
  • Nigel Mitchell
  • Tom Worthington
  • Marghanita DaCruz
  • Gillian White
  • Jack Greenmaven
  • Bidgee
  • Hawkeye7
  • Danny_B
  • Liam
  • Chris from Indonesia
  • Anne
  • JJ Harrison
  • Anna-Maria Sviatko

Current reservation is for 13 people. If more people show up, they will probably be at a separate table. If you are planning to show up, please contact LauraHale on the phone (number available on WM-AU members list or by e-mailing her at lhale at wikimedia dot org dot au. She will need to modify the reservation.