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Recording of an un-conference session at the Recent Changes Camp 2011 held in Canberra .

Recordings[edit | edit source]

Participants[edit | edit source]

  1. Stephan Ridgway
  2. Robyn Jay ]
  3. Michael Coghlan
  4. Tom Worthington
  5. Leigh Blackall
  6. Rose Grozdanic
  7. Adam Jenkins
  8. Kirsty Sharp
  9. Jutta van Dincklage

Tagged Resources[edit | edit source]

Each episode of Talking VTE has it's own unique tag which we use to share resources relevant to the episode. Below are links tagged in with talkingvte28 which are relevant to this session. If you want to share some resources with the participants prior to the session or the audience after it's distribution you can join the diigo group and add to the resources.

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