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Here logs the workshops on using Wikiversity for research at the University of Canberra

7 September 2010[edit]

Time: 10am, 7 September 2010
Location: University of Canberra, Building 10, level A, Room 10A24
Sponsor: University of Canberra Research Office

This is a handout to support an introductory workshop on using wikis for research. The workshop runs for 1 hour, and has 3 parts:

  1. 20 minute show and tell. Looking at Wikispaces and MediaWiki as used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects. Focus will be on Wikipedia, Wikibooks and Wikiversity, including the governance and etiquette of those projects.
  2. 20 minute how to. Creating a user page on Wikiversity. Creating a sub page to a user page. Adding links. . Talk pages. Exporting
  3. 20 Minute discussion


Here are some interesting looking readings, gathered at the very last minute:



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