University of Canberra/RCC2011/Wikimedia Australia session

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A few items briefly touched on during this session were confidential.

Attendees: John Vandenberg, Bilby, LauraHale, SatuSuro, Jutta, .. ?

General things discussed included:

  • How Wikimedia Australia determines what projects to fund;
  • The structure of Wikimedia Australia's organization;
  • Wikimedia Australia's fundraising efforts;
  • Running Wiki Academies;
  • How to address the needs of diverse populations in Australia's wiki, collaborative learning, history, educational communities.

Beyond that, there was the discussion of Wikimedia Australia's role in helping to run Recent Changes Camp, why they chose to be involved and how they will be involved going forward. Their role in future wiki conferences was also discussed.

The scope of Wikimedia Australia's mission was also clarified and an explanation was provided as to how this differed from the goals and scope of Wikimedia Foundation.

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