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For some of us, the process of composing educational resources has come a long way from a blackboard, or borrowing books from a library, or photocopying handouts, or even creating slide presentations - for others, these methods remain useful and necessary. Anyone who has had more than superficial exposure to the Internet knows that there is more information and resources available to us now than at any other point in the history of education. For most people however, accessing and knowing how to manage the Internet effectively prevents them from making full use of this opportunity. This course will guide you to accessing online resources, and assist you in deciding what educational resources you should produce, and in a way that is useful online and offline.
The questions in this course are:
  1. How can we find educational information and resources?
  2. How can we efficiently manage all the resources that we find?
  3. How can we produce educational resources?

Projects[edit | edit source]

Aim to complete the following 3 projects for this course. These projects are used to assess learning and to award certification for the course.

  1. Topical reading and blogging
  2. Develop and publish a library of educational resources
  3. Develop and publish an educational resource

Topics[edit | edit source]

  1. Orientation
  2. Copyright and our right to copy
  3. Managing collections of resources
  4. Search techniques
  5. Finding, creating and publishing texts
  6. Finding, creating and publishing pictures
  7. Finding, creating and publishing audio
  8. Finding, creating and publishing video
  9. Start planning
  10. Course mini conference

Help[edit | edit source]

Contact the following people if you need help with anything in this course: