Composing educational resources/Finding, creating and publishing video

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  • Websites to find video (Note - not all videos on these sites are usable in OER):

To do:

  • Find a video that you find useful from one or more of the sites listed above and embed the video in your blog. Embedding video is a simple way of displaying a video from one of the sites directly in your blog. When you find a video, look for the "embed" code and copy paste it to your blog.
  • Create your own 3-5 minute video and post it to and Youtube and then embed it on your blog
  • Post that same video to Dotsub and use that service to create subtitles for your video. Embed the new subtitled video on your blog
  • Many videos on the sites listed above do not offer copy rights for the videos they offer, or they do not give users the option to use open licensing like Creative Commons. Some of these sites do however! Write a post on your blog that points out the video sites that do contain openly licensed videos and suggest a process that you might go through to negotiate the open use of videos that you find that do not already have open license rights.