Composing educational resources/Finding, creating and publishing audio

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There are a range of sites for finding reusable audio. There is free software available for creating audio. And publishing your audio so that it is accessible, rusable and connected is free and simple.

To do

  • Search for audio related to your subject area at Search for music
  • How to share your audios as educational resources online?
  • With this you need to look at installing audacity and LAME. (You won't need to install these two if you already have an audio recorder on your computer that produces MP3 files)
  • Once you have the software installed the fun begins; you can find a number of audacity tutorials on YouTube
  • After creating a few MP3 podcasts you can upload them to some of the podcasting services like;
  • read about podcasting
  • read about Vorbis Ogg, it is an important part of openness and sound files
  • read about the creative commons and their connection to audio. Consider using CC licensed music files in your OER.


  • You should write only one (1) blog post but do many other things, too
  • Study the materials
  • Install audacity and LAME (or your favorite audio recorder)
  • Create a podcast that provides a detailed (and creative) description of the view outside your home, take a photograph of this view.
  • Upload the photograph to flickr
  • Upload the audio to odeo or switchpod
  • Include the photo and podcast as links in this weeks blog posting, so we can all appreciate the view from your home
  • Think about how RSS fits into podcasting; later in the day describe RSS to a friend over coffee (or a free beer ;)