Composing educational resources/Finding, creating and publishing pictures

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Photographers in New York City.
A picture paints a thousand words

To do

  1. You should write only one (1) blog post but do all the things below:
  2. Study the links below, and search for images of your home town.
  3. Use a digital camera to take photos in your home town, or for an educational resource you are working on.
  4. Edit the photos that you have chosen (crop, add text or graphics, create new images with graphics).
  5. Join Flickr and upload the photos that you selected. Describe photos with tags, place them on a map and add a Creative Commons Attribution license to your images.
  6. Join Wikimedia Commons and upload one or more of your photos there as well.
  7. Search for similar images to what you have loaded to Wikimedia Commons and Flickr Creative Commons.
  8. Write a blog post where you summarize what you done in this task, including adding your image to your blog post. Tell us if you have found images in Flickr and Wikimedia Commons that are reusable as an educational resource in your subject area. If yes, show us an example image in your blog and tell us how you think it useful. If no, find at least 3 other image libraries that might have images you can reuse.