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The University of Canberra National Institute of Sport Studies (UCNISS) provides programs of study, conducts research projects and implements community engagement activities in areas of sport coaching and exercise science as well as sport management and sport media. UCNISS (formerly the Centre of Sports Studies) was established in 1981, to coincide with the development of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). UCNISS offers study programs, conducts research projects, facilitates social networking and promotes graduate careers in a wide range of sport, recreation and health related fields. UCNISS runs undergraduate courses, postgraduate degrees and online programs and is a primary education provider for high performance athletes and coaches from the AIS and regional sports institutes. Study scholarships are available and students can complete part of their studies under exchange agreements with educational institutions in the United States, Canada and China. UCNISS Graduates commonly fill key professional positions in government agencies, the media and the sport industry both in Australia and overseas. UCNISS are developing an understanding and capacity to use social media (including Wikiversity) in teaching, research and community engagement.


UCNISS study highlights

  • You will learn from experts who work with high profile sporting teams and organisations
  • You have the opportunity to complete part of your degree overseas in high profile tertiary institutions
  • You will work with elite sporting organisations through work based learning placements

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Undergraduate programs

Further study options

Online programs

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Team UCNISS.net won the corporate division (and the mixed) of the Paddy Pallin Adventure Race in Canberra, finishing 6th over all. Read more...
The 2010 Staff vs Student Ultimate Frizbee match

UCNISS offers tailored sport and exercise science services and has provided sports science testing services for individual athletes and teams from the ACT as well as national and international levels. UCNISS has an active consultancy program, and provides a high standard of services and resources for Australian and international organisations. Activities undertaken include:

  • Conduct sports science testing and research for sporting organisations.
  • Development of media profiles of Australian Olympic team members and for the Australian Olympic Committee.
  • Research into the impact of altitude training on elite sport performance in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport.
  • Lectures in the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme Level 1 to Level 3 awards.
  • Preparation of development and/or marketing plans for sporting organisations.
  • Conduct of national standard sports events for sports organisations.
  • Preparation of media releases and information kits.
  • Conduct of national and international conferences on sport.
  • Operation of a sports injury assessment program for athletes, in co-operation with medical practitioners and physiotherapists.


Staff member UCNISS role Personal blog
Keith Lyons Director of University of Canberra National Institute of Sport Studies Keith Lyons
Kevin Thompson Head of Sport Studies
Sandy Daley Course Convenor for Sports Media
John Dodd Course Convenor for Sports Management
Keane Wheeler Course Convenor for Sport Coaching and Exercise Science Keane Wheeler
Nick Ball Course Convenor for Masters of Sports Science (Research) Nick Ball
Disa Smee Human Growth and Development
Lennon Wicks Clinical Exercise Physiology
Naroa Etxebarria Biochemistry of Exercise
Ben Rattray Exercise Physiology Ben Rattray
Kate Pumpa Exercise Physiology
Julie Cooke Human Anatomy
Terry Moston Sport Psychology
Patti Denham-Mason Human Anatomy

NISS logo(400px).gif