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말갛다[edit | edit source]

The sunrise in the morning
Pearl necklace
Princess Margaret [1] in 1965, wearing a pearl necklace
Roman: malgah-da
  1. 산뜻하게 맑다. [2] [3]
    to be highly clear, clean, fresh [4]
  • 맑다 (malgda, "clear, clean, pure; fresh, sunny")
  • 묽다 (mulgda, "to be dilute, watery, of thin solution")
  • (mul, "water")
From morning #Translations From pearl #Translations
  • Danish: morgen
  • Dutch: morgen
  • English: morning [6]
    Middle English: morwe
    Old English: morgen
  • Faroese: morgun
  • German: Morgen
  • Icelandic: morgunn
  • Norwegian: morgen, morgon
  • Swedish: morgon
  • Armenian: մարգարիտ (margarit)
  • Avar: маргъал (marġal)
  • Azerbaijani: mirvari, cf. Persian
  • Bulgarian: маргари́т (margarít)
  • Georgian: მარგალიტი (margaliṭi)
  • Greek: μαργαριτάρι (margaritári)
  • Italian: margarita [7]
  • Latin: margarita [8]
    • Medieval Latin: perla (mid-13c.) [9]
  • Old English: meregrot
  • Pashto: مرغلره‎ (murghalara)
  • Persian: مروارید‎ (morvârid)
See also
  • 밝다 (balg-da, "to be bright")
  • 붉다 (bulg-da, "to be red")
  • (bul, "fire")
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