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맘마[edit | edit source]

Roman: mamma
Noun [1] [2]
  1. 어린아이의 말로, ‘밥’을 이르는 말. [3]
    (childish reduplication [4]) food, milk, meal
    cf. mamma,[5] pap from Latin pappa [6]
  • (bab), cf. pap "soft food"
  • 엄마 (eomma, "mom, momy")
  • (jeoj, "milk")
mamma #Translations pap #Translations, etc.
  • Catalan: mama
  • English: mamma
  • Galician: mama
  • Irish: mama
  • Latin: mamma [7]
  • Portuguese: mama
  • Spanish: mama
  • Dutch: pap
  • English: pap [8]
  • German: Papp
  • Georgian: ფაფა (papa)
  • Latin: pappa [9]
  • Sorbian: papa
See also
  • 까까 (kkakka, childish talk "cake")
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  3. This definition is rather implausible, for it is regardless of childish food. 어른의 ‘밥’보다 어린이 ‘먹이’ 관점이 아쉽다.
  4. Like Latin pappa, this is "the word with which infants call for food."
  5. (anatomy) The milk-secreting organ of female humans ... which includes the mammary gland and the nipple or teat; a breast; an udder
  6. "the word with which infants call for food", like Korean 맘마 (mamma)
  7. "breast, udder, teat, pap"
  8. "soft food"
  9. 1. the word with which infants call for food.
    Etymology 2
    Probably of childish, onomatopoetic origin.
    • Catalan: pap, papa
    • Galician: papa
    • Italian: pappa
    • Portuguese: papa
    • Romanian: papă
    • Spanish: papa