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구름[edit | edit source]

Some types of cloud yield thunderstorms.
Roman: gureum
Noun [3] [4]
  1. 공기 중의 수분이 엉기어서 미세한 물방울이나 얼음 결정의 덩어리가 되어 공중에 떠 있는 것.
Adapted from
thunder #Translations
  • Indonesian: guruh
  • Malay: guruh [5]
  • Kazakh: күркіреу (kürkirew)
  • Kyrgyz: күркүрөө (kürküröö) [6]
  • Belarusian: гром (hrom)
  • Bulgarian: гръм (grǎm)
  • Czech: hrom
  • Polish: grom
  • Russian: гром (grom)
  • Serbo-Croatian: гром (grom)
  • Slovak: hrom
  • Slovene: grom
Toward the etymology of 구름 (gureum, "cloud")
  • roll [7]
    • A heavy, reverberatory sound. [8]
      • There was a roll of thunder and the rain began to pour down. [9]
  • rollen #German [10]
    1. to roll
    2. to thunder [11]
  • grollen #German [12]
    1. to rumble, grumble, growl
    2. to roll, thunder
  • grumeln #German (frequentative) [13]
    1. to grumble (make a low sound, as of a discontent person, an empty stomach, a distant thunderstorm)
See also
  • 구르다 (gureuda, "to roll" cf. German grollen)
  • 우르렁 (ureureong, "grumbling" as of thunder)
  • 으르렁 (eureureong, "growling" as of lions )
  • 그르렁 (geureureong "gurgling" as of cats )
  1. You miss a thundercrack here.
  2. performed by the U.S. Navy Band
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  7. roll (v.)
    "Of sounds (such as thunder) somehow suggestive of a rolling ball, 1590s; of a drum from 1680s."
  8. frequentative
  9. The "roll" is what 구르다 is in itself.
  10. Cognates include Dutch rollen, English roll, etc.
  11. Der Donner rollt, oder, grollt.
  12. Cognates include Dutch grollen, English growl, etc.
  13. Cognates include Dutch gromelen, French grommeler, English grumble, etc.