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This page is part of Wikilang. It lists all existing languages portals on the English Wikiversity by language families. Articles with the name in bold are for language families.

Afro-Asiatic languages[edit]

Semitic languages[edit]

Algic languages[edit]

Algonquian languages[edit]

Araucanian languages[edit]

Austroasiatic languages[edit]

Vietic languages[edit]

Austronesian languages[edit]

Malayo-Polynesian languages[edit]

Malayic languages[edit]

Philippine languages[edit]

Aymaran languages[edit]

Dravidian languages[edit]

Indo-European languages[edit]

Celtic languages[edit]

Germanic languages[edit]

Hellenic languages[edit]

Indo-Aryan languages[edit]

Iranian languages[edit]

Italic languages[edit]

Latino-Faliscan languages[edit]

Romance languages[edit]

Slavic languages[edit]

Iwaidjan languages[edit]

Iwaidjic languages[edit]

Japonic languages[edit]

Kartvelian languages[edit]

Koreanic languages[edit]

Mayan languages[edit]

Niger-Congo languages[edit]

Bantu languages[edit]

Kwa languages[edit]

Senegambian languages[edit]

Pama–Nyungan languages[edit]

Nyungic languages[edit]

Quechuan languages[edit]

Sino-Tibetan languages[edit]

Sinitic languages[edit]

Tibetic languages[edit]

Turkic languages[edit]

Uto-Aztecan languages[edit]

Nahuan languages[edit]

Uralic languages[edit]

Language isolates[edit]

Constructed languages[edit]

Sign languages[edit]

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