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engl. Low German / Low Saxon

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  • Endonym: Plattdüütsch, Nedderdüütsch, Neddersass'sch, Neddersassisch, Nedersaksies, Plautdietsch
  • Other names: germ. Plattdeutsch, Niederdeutsch, Niedersächsisch; engl. Low German, Low Saxon
  • Language family: West Germanic languages > North Sea Germanic languages
  • Script(s): Latin
  • ISO 639-2: nds
  • Language status: officially recognised as regional language in Germany and the Netherlands, as minority language in Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay
  • Number of speakers: 5-9 millions
  • Regions: Northern Germany, Eastern Netherlands
  • Majority language(s): German, Dutch
  • English Wikipedia article about the language: Low German
  • Ethnologue page about the language: Saxon, Low
  • Plattdüütsch Wikipedia
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