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Welcome to the Aymaran Language Department at Wikiversity
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Aymara The Aymaran Language

Aymaran is a South American language. Aymaran has often been grouped with Quechua as a larger Quechumaran linguistic stock, largely because about a third of its vocabulary is shared with Quechua. This proposal is controversial, however.

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Aymaran is a Native American language of South America.

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To show your interest in the Aymaran Language, sign up at the Aymaran stream. This will provide a record of who is learning Aymaran, so you can see who else out there speaks Aymaran and can speak to them.


If you want to teach , please sign up at the Aymaran stream and contact the Head of Aymaran

Here is the List of Staff members in the South America Languages Division

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  • 13th December 2007 - Aymaran Department Founded