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Corscian Department[edit | edit source]

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Welcome to the Corscian Department at Wikiversity, part of the Center for Foreign Language Learning and the School of Language and Literature.

Introduction to Corsican[edit | edit source]

Map of Corsican speakers

Corsican or Corsu (Corsu or Lingua Corsa) is a romance language spoken and written on the islands of Corsica (France) and northern Sardinia (Italy). Corsu is the traditional native language of the Corsican people, and was long the sole language of the island, which was acquired by France in 1768. In 1990, more than two centuries later, nearly all Corsicans were fluent in French, usually as a first language. In addition, an estimated 50% of those also had some degree of proficiency in Corsu, and a small minority, perhaps 10%, used Corsu as a first language.

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  • 28 February 2010 Department founded