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Welcome to the Ithkuil Department at Wikiversity, part of the Center for Foreign Language Learning and the School of Language and Literature. Please note that all material given is an unofficial interpretation of John Quijada's language. The purpose of the courses below is to introduce concepts of the language at a structured linear pace.


Ithkuil is a constructed language designed to express deeper levels of human cognition briefly yet overtly and clearly, particularly with regard to human categorization. It also strives to minimize the ambiguities and semantic vagueness found in natural human languages. Ithkuil is notable for its grammatical complexity and information density, in that nuances of meaning are specified grammatically, and phrases from natural languages can usually be expressed in with fewer sounds. Quijada deems his creation suited to human conversation; though nobody, himself included, is able to speak Ithkuil fluently. This course aims to introduce basic usage of all the grammatical categories in an attempt to gain speakers of the language.