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Morpho-phonology 0.19.0[edit | edit source]

12 Roots are now only up to five consonants in length

15 "MONDADIC" should be "MONADIC"

15 MSS/DPL/RPV/A results in a value of -tţ-, which is phonotactically impermissible

15 [affiliation]/MDS is ambiguous with [affiliation]/ATV/A/RPV, and [affiliation]/MDC is ambiguous with [affiliation]/ATV/N/RPV.

16 "pm -> vmm" should maybe be "pm -> vvm"

16 Sec. 3.6.3 lists outdated Combination Referential Specification forms

18 Due to the -y- infix in level morphemes, modular adjuncts are always ambiguous when encoding any absolute level. For example, the adjunct "oyeha" could encode either just SPLa level or REG aspect + CRO valence

20 VxCs affix for Mood not found in docs; only Modular Adjunct and Mood Adjuncts available

22 The case accessor should read "the party by / thru which / whom X is subjectively interpreted / considered / described"

34 It is not pragmatic for an affix to scope above an entire formative; forms could instead mark scoping in concatenation chains

36 Modular adjunct slots 3 and 4 use a redundant Cn, which can simply be ň; Vh scoping is impractical (what does it mean to scope above Validation+Illocution+Expectation?) and is de facto given by affixual adjunct scoping

39 Agglomerative form v is ambiguous with pi/DET

39 Agglomerative form -tļ- is ambiguous with 2p/BEN+pi/NEU. i.e. an adjunct like ëstļu can parse as ë-s-tļ-u or as ë-s-t-ļ-u. Easily solved by eliminating -ļ- as a combining form for pi/NEU

43 due to geminate referential forms, a word like kapreomma is ambiguous, and may be parsed as k-a-pr-eomm-a, with a VxCs referential affix -eomm-, or as k-a-preo-mm-a with a -preo- referential CsVx and geminated Ca value. This can be resolved by banning referential affixes in slot V or by taking the Nomic -ç- form to form non-geminate forms, e.g. mm→mç, ll→lç, nn→nç, etc.

43 A second ambiguity concerning referential affixes: they are ambiguous with type three case accessors when the latter bear an adverbial case or a spatio-temporal II case. For example, kalöečwa could bear either a type three CON accessor or bear the referential Mx/N/BEN-CON. One solution would be to prohibit using Nomic in referential affixes. For consistency, we could ban all Ca modifications to referentials in affix form, similarly to how it's done in referential formatives

46 - In the definition of the Satiative bias, pleasure is misspelled

46 Section 4.9 - Parsing Adjunct says to refer back to Section 2.2 Paragraph 5, when it means Section 2.3 Paragraph 5.

51 Section 5.4 - Relative Clause Formation contains a superfluous note saying that default values in the linear analysis haven't been included, when this has been the case throughout the document.

54 Section 5.6 - Mmiäxainļ should be Mmiexainļ; Nniexainļ should be Nnioxainļ; Ňňeoxainļ should be Ňňxainļ

55 Section 5.7 - hwelu-azčojhaillöelyá should be hrelu-azčojhaillöelyá; Kšölaelwêi should be kšöllwêi

57 Section 6.0 - ksialärsirwa should be wuksärsëirwa; ksialärsëirwiasta should be wuksärsëirwiasta; SPT/5 affix -irw- should be SPT/5 affix -ëirw-

57 Section 6.1 - wurḑaušš should be wurḑauj

60 Irtysh should be transliterated "irtiš", Rio Grande should be transliterated "grande", and"riyadh" should be "Riyadh" (with a capital R); if so, Yangtze River should be "caň" instead of "caňčyaň" which means "Long river", parallel to hwaň "Yellow river";

60 phwära hle’e should be phwära hle’i;

60 Ithkuil phonotactic restraints do not apply as long as the name is pronounceable. According to this principle, hönkoň should be made höňkoň for Hong Kong, parallel to čuňkwo for China; Likewise tuňkwan for Dongguan

62 Papua New Gunea should be Papua New Guinea

62 Are Liberia laibirya and Malaysia mëleisya English pronunciations with local accents? Why using -a instead of schwa?

62 romênia should be romênìa for Romania?; tonga should be toňa

62 saintvinsentangrénadinz for St. Vincent & the Grenadines should be seintvinsentangrénadinz as seintkicannevis for Saint Kitts & Nevis

63 hlaḑtáu-eḑtëila hi kongo has a typo in hlaḑtáu-eḑtila hi kongo; Also, this seems to make more sense: T1-S1-“democratic government“-OBJ-ASI—S2-“republican government“-OBJ?

Roots 0.5.1[edit | edit source]

005 the third example for -Č- is missing a closing parenthesis

007 Sec. 1.4 lacks a root for frame category and -LMPY- can include concatenation type

009 CTE of -LŢT- has a typo in pursue

033 S3 of -ẒŘ- should be extrusion

024/042 -TV- is similar to -LDR- and -RTV- is similar to -DRR-

038 -LČW- has a typo in hypothesizing

054 S3 of -THW- should not include "utilizing"

057 S3/OBJ of -JJ- should be the medium in which a depression is made

060/209 -MSY- is shared between "energy output differential or redirection via gear mechanism" and "pleasant/mellifluous sound"

062 -ÇJ- is not permissible as a root

067 S3 of -CY- has a typo in crowd

069 S3 of -RPĻ- can include "e.g. twisting/turning a wheel left/right" and S3 of -LXR- can include "e.g. rolling/raveling up a carpet" as examples

072 S2 of -ŇM- should refer to application of gel-like substance [CPT: foam/froth]

072 S3 of -ŇFY- is defined on page 315; lacquer can be used instead

072 -ŇFY- should be merged into one stem; poultice and organic oil can be added

072 -ŇFL- can be 1. disinfectant/sterilant 2. insecticide/pesticide 3. insect repellant; -ŇFR- can be sunscreen, moisturizer/emollient, bronzer;

076 S2 of -SXR- can refer to massaging/scratching/rubbing together, with brushing being moved to S1

083 -FÇT- has stray ` marks and -LZDR- has a typo

084 CTE of -SSV- is missing

085 S1 of -KŢG- can be screen/display, because computing device is similar to S1 of -KŢGW-

085 -KŢGY- can instead be 1. program/app/software 2. firmware 3. operating system

086 S2 of -KŢGR- should refer to the transformation/compilation of instructions/text into a different format for a computer to execute

086 S2 of -KŢGL- should read "lambda calculus representation"

087/131 -ŠGW- is shared between "cup/bowl/measuring cup" and "detention/confiscation/usurpation"

088 -ŇSL- should be electrical socket

093 OBJ of -ŽTĻ- should be an individual stair

102 S3 of -Ţ- can refer to the opposing direction or origin from which something emerges, so that S0 can refer to the general vicinity of a position

104 -F- is missing a hyphen

110 OBJ/2 of -KM- should be that to which one is (intended to be) early

111 -LPŠ- has a typo in refreshed

118 the stems of -MSX- do not translate into different languages; -VLL- is sufficient

121 -VŽŘ- has a typo in "metonym" in the root title

129 -NN- refers to a root present on pg. 33

135 S2 of -NXW- has a typo in destination

136 -ŠČ- has an extra hyphen

152 S2 of -BČ- has redundant phrases , by legal adoption, or long-term informal adoption]

153 -SR- and -LH- have stray slashes

160 -ŠF- can list "understatement" as a derivation

172 -MBR- is missing a bracket and has a hyphen in achieving

174 -ŽT- has a hyphen in unobtrusive

175 -VSP- is missing brackets around CPT

178 -PŠX- has an extra space in the root expression, and also a missing space in "behavior toward"

179/236 -RXŢ- is already shown through -RTK-

205 -ÇŢ- can include whiff, woosh, and sizzle; -ĻB- can include drip drop

211 the musical note affixes have outdated values

217 S2 of -ÇÇKL- can also be spelled "khene"

219/339 S2 of -ŽG- should be olfactory bulb so that the note on -LMW- can be removed

221 -ŠP- refers to informal designation and the paragraph below the color roots refers to incorporating instead of  concatenating

224/293 -VR- should switch values with -VC- to match its affix value

224 -BŢ- should be patterned as a "degree of" root

225 -XẒ- can include "lint/pollen/ash/soot-like", -SG- can include "silky", and -ḐĻ- has odd punctuation

231 Section 4.5.7 has a typo in "The 13 roots below..."

237 -LTW- contains misspelling of "camaraderie"

240 -ZGL- contains an extra "to"

248/252 -TGL- is shared between "spear/pike" and "cue stick/broom (curling)/jump rope"

249 -JTÇ- has an extra slash

253 -ŢSKL- contains possible misspelling in xiangqi

256/257 "parasailing" is shared between stem 2 of -ĻKY- and stem 2 of -ÇÇTL-

256/257 "snowkiting" is shared between stem 2 of -ĻKÇ- and stem 2 of -ÇÇTW-

268 -KSTR- has stems 2 and 3 switched and a typo in accessing

271 -FM- is missing a closing parenthesis

280 S2 of -MTW- is missing a closing parenthesis and -KKY- incorrectly uses the term neutronium

284 OBJ of biome roots should be "the impact of X on its surrounding environment."

285 -VŇ- makes a difference between canyon and gorge; perhaps gully can be used

285 OBJ of -VŇ- should be "...a particular (i.e, named) valley

291 stems of -FPH- should line up with those of -FŠR-

301/451 -FBL- is shared between "spiked circle" and "Adegphagan beetle 3"

303/451 -FBR- is shared between "3-dimensional spiked spheroid" and "Adegphagan beetle 4"

306 CPT forms of -RẒ- can refer to the oxidation states of zero, oxidized, and reduced ions

311 The following roots most likely follow -RẒB- instead of -RẒ-

311 There are 2 roots for baking soda: -ÇPF- and -DPF-

312 -MSDŘ- has a typo in "carcinoembryonic antigen"

312 "vitamin B3" is shared among -PFKW-, -PFKN- and -PFKH-

312 -PFKÇ- has a typo in pyridoxine

312 -PFKM- has an extra comma

312 -PFGR- has a typo in phylloquinone

312 -ŇTPŢ- has a typo in calcitonin

312 -MSGY- has a typo in dehydroepiandrosterone

312 "hemoglobin" is shared between -MFBL- and -MFBŘ-

313 "gastrin" is shared between -ŇFPF- and -ŇFPĻ-

313 -MSV- has a typo in fibrinogen

320/322 -NDK- is shared between "guava/finger cherry" and "allspice"

322/350 -MŽDY- is shared between "stevia" and "rotator cuff"

323 there is a typo in "vegetables"

324 -CK- is not alphabetized

325 The legumes and nuts section is missing S1 of -NḐKN- macadamia nut

332 S1 of -ŇPY- not yet changed to new meanings

335 S2 of -TÇŇ- can be derived by concatenating positional roots; armpit works instead

335 -TÇŇ- has a typo in knee

337/502 -GZG- is shared between small intestine and Hydrangeaceae

338 S3 of -DDV- can list concatenation with -PFW- for "premolar"

341 S3 of -LPÇN- should be monocyte

342 distal carpal bones are missing; S3 of -LÇTY- should be replaced with 'hamate' (so that the carpal and tarsal bone roots are analogous) and -LÇTW-- should be changed to 1. metacarpal/metatarsal 2. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd cuneiform/trapezium, trapezoid, or capitate 3. cuboid/triquetrum; if this should be split into two roots, -LÇTL- can be overwritten because malleoli are mere bone features

342 -LÇPW- and -LÇPL- both include talus; S1 of -LÇTR- can be replaced with pubic symphysis

343 -LÇFN- should be 1. humerus 2. radius 3. ulna to parallel 1. femur 2. tibia 3. fibula

343 -LÇFR- has a typo in caracoid

344 S3 of -LTÇL- has a 1

345 DYN function can refer to muscle contraction or ligament pulling

345 S2 of -MZXR- has a typo

347 S2 of -MZKY- has a typo in genus

352 -MŽPŢ- shouldn't refer to the uvula itself; since hard palate is given by -LTÇR-, -LDN- should take uvula

354 the titles of -MÇFW- and -MÇFY- names don't match up

357/358 "radial collateral ligament" is shared between S2 of -KŢTL- and S3 of -KŢTH-; more specification needed

357 "ulnar collateral ligament" is shared between S2 of -KŢTR- and S3 of -KŢTÇ-; more specification needed

358 -PŢTW- is missing a closing parenthesis

362 -ŇNY- and -PSX- both list palpitation

380/386 -MMŠTL- and -ŇŇŠPR- are duplicates of -GZDR-

386 -ŇŇSKH- has a typo

388 -ŇŇZDL- has a typo

401 PZE degrees 3-9 and MZE degrees 2-9 should use 'period' instead of 'epoch'

401 MZE/4 has a typo in Triassic

402/463 OBJ specification between animals and plants differs, making it unclear for other lifeforms

403 -NÇV- erroneously listed "Beira" as the generic name for beira; correct generic name should be "Dorcatragus" instead

404 -ČTF- has a typo in "Mephitis"

405 -VḐ- is missing [stem unassigned]

406 S1 of -BZL- is missing the genera Poliocitellus & Sciurotamias, and S2 has Scirillus instead of Syntheosciurus

407 BZKH- is missing a parenthesis and has an extra comma

407 -BZKÇ- has a misspelling in "Calomyscus"

408 -LGY- has an extra apostrophe

416 -MSKW- thru -MSKL- are the only avian roots built upon an unrelated root (-MSK- necessity)

420 -ŇSGŘ- and -NSKF- are missing [stem unassigned] and in S1 of -NSKY- Stiphromis should be Stiphrornis

424 S2 of -PSTY- has a typo in ginbuna and is missing koi, and -PSTĻ- has an additional stem 3

424 -RPSTL- has a typo in Psilorhynchus

425 -ŘPSNW- has a typo in voladora

428 the second instance of -PŢSP- should be -PŢST-

439 -KFŘ- has an extra closing parenthesis

447 S3 of -ḐPĻ- has a redundant “mantis”

458 -ŘZBY- should have a III

462 S2 of -LZVW- has an extra parenthesis

468 S2 of -SŢW- has an extra parenthesis

470 S3 of -NÇPY- has a typo in ginger

478 -FTL- is missing [stem unassigned]

482 S3 of -RŽTW- is missing tarragon

485 -ŇZBW- is missing [stem unassigned] and -ŇZBL- and -ŇZBR- have an unresolved duplicate

486 S1 of -RẒL- has a typo in Taraxacum

491 -FŠPÇ- has a typo in Lamium and -FŠPS- is missing [stem unassigned]

520 -ŇSXM- is missing descriptions

526 Missing: ‘FABOIDEAE’ XVIII 1. (genus Marina) false prairie-clover 2. (genus Parryella) common dunebroom 3. (genus Psorothamnus) indigo bush, dalea, smoketree / smokethorn

527 -ŘPTHW- is a duplicate of -ŘTP-

531 There are two forms of -LMÇN- ‘EUPHORBIACEAE’ VII and S1 of -RMÇL- and -RMÇR- are the same

542 -SSW- has a typo in Peperomia

543 -RJGY- has a typo in physodermataceous and -RJGL- is missing an open parenthesis

(-RJGL- and -RJGḐ- both include basidiobolaceous fungus, but who knows how the spelling should differ?)

543 -RJTL- redundantly lists phaeohyphomycosis twice

544 S3 of -RJTH- should list Claviceps, making -RJTHW- ‘SORDARIOMYCETES’ III S1. Xylaria 2. Colletotrichum 3. other sordariomycetes fungus

544 -RJXN- has an extra semicolon

546 -PŢPY- includes [stem unassigned] but the fungal family continues into a fourth root

547 -LVMY- is numbered but -BZVY- -BZVW- -NZGY- -NZGL- aren't numbered

547 S1 of -NZGW- uses "genus" and S2 of -BZDV- repeats "fungus"

549 S2 of -LMḐN- should read "(Sagenista, including Labyrinthulomycetes and Eogyrea; several genera)"

550 -NŢKÇ- should read ‘COLPODEA’ II

551 -NŢPR- and -NŢPŘ- share stems 2 and 3, and -NŢPĻ- should be numbered IX

552 S1 of -NŢFR- is capitalized, -RMT- is partially missing stems, and -RMTÇ- and -RMTF- are not numbered

553 -ŇŠKL- is partially missing its stems

556 -LMŠ- is shared between "fusobacteria" and "other bacteria 1"

557 S2 of -RŠTY- includes a number as part of the genus

557 S2 of -LFMW- should have HSV-1 instead of HHV-1

557 S1 of -LFMY- should have papiine betaherpesvirus 3/4 instead of panine betaherpesvirus 3/4

558 -RŠTF- has a typo in Cressdnaviricota

561 S1 of -NXPR- has a typo in spotted orthotospovirus and S3 of -NXFW- has a typo in metapneumovirus

563 -PSFR- has a typo in virus and in

563 -RCXW- should be SPHAEROLIPOVIRIDAE 1. Alphasphaerolipovirus 2. Yingchengvirus 3. Hukuchivirus

564 -FŠTM- has a typo in Virtovirus

Affixes 0.7.5[edit | edit source]

006 DCD hasn't been updated re: the split of Obviative (it also still uses the term "PRA")

011 TD2/6 should be "for a few months"

012 STT degrees 4 and 6 can be removed to have degrees 1 and 9 be ereyesterday and overmorrow

014 CYC/CYL recurrence affixes are not needed because FQC/FQL can be used without a number to imply 1

019 for P07*, it should be "position at +X / 0 / 0" instead of "position at -X / 0 / 0"


051 in the NOTE, XXX should be change to EFP

059 HND values have symmetric duplicates

75/110 the KBP and ENS affixes share the same value

082 IEC has redundant specifications when interpreted as a root

084 TCT doesn't have a Cs value

104 NCD and NCE are not updated with Agglomerative perspective

107 the section name above PG1 has a typo in Differentiation

110 OBN/6 is not pluralized

114 PZE degrees 3-9 and MZE degrees 2-9 should use 'period' instead of 'epoch'

115 MZE/4 has a typo in Triassic

122 KIN is a geminate form, leading to confusion with Ca

140 GPB/6 carboxy- should be carboxylato-

140 GPD/1 has a typo in methylenedioxy

141 GPG/5 has two typos in borinic and di… borinic

141 GPG/7 has a typo in alkyllithium

141 GPG/7 has a typo in alkylmagnesium

141 GPH/9 has a typo in sulfanylidene-

142 GPJ/3 has two same values with the above GPH/9: carbonothioyl and sulfanylidene-

142 GPJ/6 has a typo in thioester

Phonotaxis[edit | edit source]

  • ç should be an non-sibilant fricative, and it was instead misclassified as a sibilant fricative.
  • ç is placed in the wrong position of the table PHONEMIC INVENTORY
  • some prohibited conjuncts in sec. 2.9. lack preceding asterisks
  • there is a stray ň above section 11
  • -ÇÇ-, -ĻĻ-, -ŢŢ- are valid roots
  • -ÇẒ- and -ÇJ- (already in use) are impermissible as a root/affix
  • -ḐS-, -ḐŠ-, -ḐZ-, -ḐŽ- and -NŇ- are permissible as a root/affix
  • kļ is listed as a valid root/affix but is indistinguishable from tļ
  • the table for permissible biconsonanantal roots beginning with ç, c and ż should count 24 forms, and beginning with č and j should count 22 forms, so the total should be 684 instead of 679

Root Gaps[edit | edit source]

  • a note should be made to conjugate pluralia tantum like scissors with DPX instead of noting individual roots
  • mortar, pestle, stirrer, pipette, eyedropper, baster
  • eyeshadow/eyeliner, mascara, rouge, lipstick/gloss/liner
  • Artiopod (trilobite), Megacheira (great appendage arthropod), other extinct Arthropod (e.g. Dinocaridid)
  • igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rock
  • plant fiber, thatching/wicker, rope
  • stalagtite/stalagmite (ice, brine)
  • volcano, geothermal vent, hot spring
  • cumuliform/stratiform/cirriform cloud (stems concatenate for distinctions like stratocumulus, cirrocumulus, and cirrostratus; nimbus clouds have a tall/multilevel shape, alto clouds are in the middle of the troposphere)
  • pasta/noodle, vinegar, icing/frosting, juice, gelatin, colloid
  • caramel, molasses, toffee
  • bite (front of mouth), chew (back of mouth)/masticate, swallow
  • pad/compress/dressing, bandage, tape/patch/film
  • extract/absolute/concrete, wax (MTÇ), essential oil
  • blanket/quilt/tarp/mesh/net
  • pile carpet/mat/rug
  • pillow/cushion/trampoline
  • rag/mop/towel
  • transistor, diode, LED;
  • spring, crank, roller chain, sprocket, worm gear, Archimedes' screw
  • segway/self-balancing scooter/oneway/dicycle
  • dolly/barrow/hand truck, pallet truck, garage creeper, snowplow, snowblower
  • pion, kaon, rho meson, eta meson, D-meson, B-meson, omega meson, phi meson, psion, upsilon meson, theta meson
  • cape, hijab/shayla, balaclava, headband/bandana, scrunchie
  • rest (as in, recover from tiredness without sleeping)
  • Parts of the head: forehead, brow, temple
  • The outer ear: ear, ear canal, earlobe; Auditory ossicles: stapes, incus, malleus; Inner ear: cochlea, vestibule, semicircular canal; Cochlear duct: basilar membrane, vestibular membrane, tectorial membrane; Vestibule: otolith, saccule, utricle; Semicircular canal: osseous ampula, ampullary cupola, hair cell;
  • The front eye: cornea, lens, sclera; Uvea: iris, ciliary body, choroid; Back of eye: retina, macula, optic disk; Photoreceptor cell: cone cell, rod cell, intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion; Other eye part: eyelid, lacrimal gland, lacrimal sac
  • The outer nose: ala (nostril area), philtrum, nasal bridge; Nasal cavity: nasal septum, nasal concha, nasal meatus; Other nose part: sinus, tonsil, eustachian tube
  • The upper gastrointestinal tract: pharynx, esophagus, epiglottis; Respiratory system: trachea, bronchus, pulmonary alveolus; Linguistic system: larynx, vocal chord, glottis; Throat: hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage
  • Aotidae (night monkeys), Pitheciidae (titis, sakis, uakaris), Atelidae (howler monkeys, spider monkeys, muriquis, woolly monkeys)
  • Boselaphus (nilgai), Tetracerus (four-horned antelope)
  • Scotocerca (streaked scrub warbler), Erythrocercus (yellow flycatchers)
  • Muscles: plantar fascia, semitendinosus, quadriceps femoris, articularis genus, vastus intermedius, quadratus femoris, adductor minimus
  • Ligaments: superior ex. / fl. retinaculum, peroneous/fibular retinaculum, lateral retinaculum, medial patellar retinaculum, inguinal ligament, lacunar ligament, pectineal ligament
  • Connective tissues: calcaneal tendon, labrum, pubic symphysis, tendinous intersection, linea alba, linea semilunaris

Affix Gaps[edit | edit source]

  • degree of stretchiness/tightness/looseness/bagginess
  • CNM/8 is a redundant form of the PAR case accessor
  • associative plurals ("X together with the persons/things associated with it/them; X and co."), possibly patterned similarly to the OAU suffix; this may be used to derive a pronoun "we" from the first person singular pronoun, for example. (-çẓ and -çj are free Gradient 0 forms which could be suitable.)

WRITING SYSTEM FOR NEW ITHKUIL (December 2021)[edit | edit source]

02 "Vr Specification, Function, & Stem, plus Vv Designation & Version" should be "Vr Specification, Function, & Context, plus Vv Version & Stem"

11 "Vlanece" should be "Valence"