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Errata[edit | edit source]

Morpho-phonology 0.19.0[edit | edit source]

15 "MONDADIC" should be "MONADIC"

15 MSS/DPL/RPV/A results in a value of -tţ-, which is phonotactically impermissible

15 [affiliation]/MDS is ambiguous with [affiliation]/ATV/A/RPV, and [affiliation]/MDC is ambiguous with [affiliation]/ATV/N/RPV.

16 "pm -> vmm" should maybe be "pm -> vvm"

16 Sec. 3.6.3 lists outdated Combination Referential Specification forms

18 Due to the -y- infix in level morphemes, modular adjuncts are always ambiguous when encoding any absolute level. For example, the adjunct "oyeha" could encode either just SPLa level or REG aspect + CRO valence

34 It is not pragmatic for an affix to scope above an entire formative; forms could instead mark scoping in concatenation chains

36 Modular adjunct slots 3 and 4 use a redundant Cn, which can simply be ň; Vh scoping is impractical (what does it mean to scope above Validation+Illocution+Expectation?) and is de facto given by affixual adjunct scoping

39 Nomic form -ç- is ambiguous with the sentence juncture prefix when it is the first consonant in a referential. E.g. ç(ë)nue is ambiguous. This could be resolved by either mandating that the Nomic form never be the first consonant of an referential (→nëçue/ënçue) or that the schwa be prefixed if it is (→ëçnue)

39 Agglomerative form v is ambiguous with pi/DET

39 Agglomerative form -tļ- is ambiguous with 2p/BEN+pi/NEU. i.e. an adjunct like ëstļu can parse as ë-s-tļ-u or as ë-s-t-ļ-u. Easily solved by eliminating -ļ- as a combining form for pi/NEU

43 due to geminate referential forms, a word like kapreomma is ambiguous, and may be parsed as k-a-pr-eomm-a, with a VxCs referential affix -eomm-, or as k-a-preo-mm-a with a -preo- referential CsVx and geminated Ca value. This can be resolved by banning referential affixes in slot V or by taking the Nomic -ç- form to form non-geminate forms, e.g. mm→mç, ll→lç, nn→nç, etc.

60 "riyadh" should be "Riyadh" (with a capital R)

Roots 0.5.1[edit | edit source]

005 the third example for -Č- is missing a closing parenthesis

009 CTE of -LŢT- has a typo in pursue

033 S3 of -ẒŘ- should be extrusion

024/042 -TV- is similar to -LDR- and -RTV- is similar to -DRR-

038 -LČW- has a typo in hypothesizing

054 S3 of -THW- should not include "utilizing"

057 S3/OBJ of -JJ- the medium in which a depression is made

060/209 -MSY- is shared between "energy output differential or redirection via gear mechanism" and "pleasant/mellifluous sound"

067 S3 of -CY- has a typo in crowd

069 S3 of -RPĻ- can include "e.g. twisting/turning a wheel left/right" and S3 of -LXR- can include "e.g. rolling/raveling up a carpet"

072 S3 of -ŇVR- can also be bronzer, although sunscreen might be more appropriate

072 S1 and S2 of -ŇFY- ought to be merged and replaced with sunscreen; soap/shampoo, conditioner, and gel can be added

072 -ŇFL- ought to be 1. disinfectant 2. insecticide 3. herbicide/fungicide; insect repellent seems odd to lexicalize

076 S3 of -SXR- can refer to massaging/scratching

083 -FÇT- has stray ` marks and -LZDR- has a typo

084 CTE of -SSV- is missing

086 S2 of -KŢGR- should refer to the transformation/compilation of instructions/text into a different format for a computer to execute

086 S2 of -KŢGL- should read "lambda calculus representation"

087/131 -ŠGW- is shared between "cup/bowl/measuring cup" and "detention/confiscation/usurpation"

088 -ŇSL- should be electrical socket

093 OBJ of -ŽTĻ- should be an individual stair

110 OBJ/2 of -KM- should be that to which one is (intended to be) early

111 -LPŠ- has a typo in refreshed

118 the stems of -MSX- do not translate into different languages; -VLL- is sufficient

121 -VŽŘ- has a typo in "metonym" in the root title

129 -NN- refers to a root present on pg. 33

135 S2 of -NXW- has a typo in destination

136 -ŠČ- has an extra hyphen

152 S2 of -BČ- has redundant phrases , by legal adoption, or long-term informal adoption]

153 -SR- and -LH- have stray slashes

160 -ŠF- can list "understatement" as a derivation

172 -MBR- is missing a bracket and has a hyphen in achieving

174 -ŽT- has a hyphen in unobtrusive

175 -VSP- is missing brackets around CPT

178 -PŠX- has an extra space in the root expression, and also a missing space in "behavior toward"

179/236 -RXŢ- is already shown through -RTK-

205 -ÇŢ- can include whiff, woosh, and sizzle; -ĻB- can include drip drop

211 the musical note affixes have outdated values

217 S2 of -ÇÇKL- can also be spelled "khene"

221 -ŠP- refers to informal designation and the paragraph below the color roots refers to incorporating instead of  concatenating

224 -BŢ- should be patterned as a "degree of" root

225 -XẒ- can include "lint/pollen/ash/soot-like", -SG- can include "silky", and -ḐĻ- has odd punctuation

237 -LTW- contains misspelling of "camaraderie"

240 -ZGL- contains an extra "to"

246 -VDL- can include hijab/shayla, baclava, headband/bandana, scrunchie

248/252 -TGL- is shared between "spear/pike" and "cue stick/broom (curling)/jump rope"

249 -JTÇ- has an extra slash

253 -ŢSKL- contains possible misspelling in xiangqi

256/257 "parasailing" is shared between stem 2 of -ĻKY- and stem 2 of -ÇÇTL-

256/257 "snowkiting" is shared between stem 2 of -ĻKÇ- and stem 2 of -ÇÇTW-

268 -KSTR- has stems 2 and 3 switched and a typo in accessing

271 -FM- is missing a closing parenthesis

280 S2 of -MTW- is missing a closing parenthesis and -KKY- incorrectly uses the term neutronium

284 OBJ of biome roots should be "that which deals with the environment of..."

285 -VŇ- makes a difference between canyon and gorge; perhaps gully can be used

291 stems of -FPH- should line up with those of -FŠR-

311 The following roots most likely follow -RẒB- instead of -RẒ-

311 -MSDŘ- has a typo in "carcinoembryonic antigen"

312 "vitamin B3" is shared among -PFKW-, -PFKN- and -PFKH-

312 "hemoglobin" is shared between -MFBL- and -MFBŘ-

313 "gastrin" is shared between -ŇFPF- and -ŇFPĻ-

320/322 -NDK- is shared between "guava/finger cherry" and "allspice"

322/350 -MŽDY- is shared between "stevia" and "rotator cuff"

323 there is a typo in "vegetables"

324 -CK- is not alphabetized

332 S1 of -ŇPY- not yet changed to new meanings

334 S2 of -TÇŇ- can be derived by concatenating positional roots; armpit works instead

337/502 -GZG- is shared between small intestine and Hydrangeaceae

338 S3 of -DDV- can list concatenation with -PFW- for "premolar"

341 S3 of -LPÇN- should be monocyte

342 -LÇPW- and -LÇPL- both include talus; S1 of -LÇTR- can be replaced with pubic symphysis

343 -LÇFN- should be 1. humerus 2. radius 3. ulna to parallel 1. femur 2. tibia 3. fibula

343 -LÇFR- has a typo in caracoid

344 S3 of -LTÇL- has a 1

345 S2 of -MZXR- has a typo

352 -MŽPŢ- shouldn't refer to the uvula itself; since hard palate is given by -LTÇR-, -LDN- should take uvula

354 the titles of -MÇFW- and -MÇFY- names don't match up

358 -PŢTW- is missing a closing parenthesis

362 -ŇNY- and -PSX- both list palpitation

380/386 -MMŠTL- and -ŇŇŠPR- are duplicates of -GZDR-

386 -ŇŇSKH- has a typo

388 -ŇŇZDL- has a typo

401 MZE/4 has a typo in Triassic

402/463 OBJ specification between animals and plants differs, making it unclear for other lifeforms

403 -NÇV- erroneously listed "Beira" as the generic name for beira; correct generic name should be "Dorcatragus" instead

404 -ČTF- has a typo in "Mephitis"

405 -VḐ- is missing [stem unassigned]

406 S1 of -BZL- is missing the genera Poliocitellus & Sciurotamias, and S2 has Scirillus instead of Syntheosciurus

407 BZKH- is missing a parenthesis and has an extra comma

407 -BZKÇ- has a misspelling in "Calomyscus"

408 -LGY- has an extra apostrophe

416 -MSKW- thru -MSKL- are the only avian roots built upon an unrelated root (-MSK- necessity)

420 -ŇSGŘ- and -NSKF- are missing [stem unassigned] and in S1 of -NSKY- Stiphromis should be Stiphrornis

424 S2 of -PSTY- has a typo in ginbuna and is missing koi, and -PSTĻ- has an additional stem 3

424 -RPSTL- has a typo in Psilorhynchus

425 -ŘPSNW- has a typo in voladora

428 the second instance of -PŢSP- should be -PŢST-

462 S2 of -LZVW- has an extra parenthesis

468 S2 of -SŢW- has an extra parenthesis

470 S3 of -NÇPY- has a typo in ginger

478 -FTL- is missing [stem unassigned]

482 S3 of -RŽTW- is missing tarragon

486 S1 of -RẒL- has a typo in Taraxacum

491 -FŠPÇ- has a typo in Lamium and -FŠPS- is missing [stem unassigned]

520 -ŇSXM- is missing descriptions

527 -ŘPTHW- is a duplicate of -ŘTP-

531 S1 of -RMÇL- and -RMÇR- are the same

542 -SSW- has a typo in Peperomia

543 -RJGY- has a typo in physodermataceous and -RJGL- is missing an open parenthesis

(-RJGL- and -RJGḐ- both include basidiobolaceous fungus, but who knows how the spelling should differ?)

543 -RJTL- redundantly lists phaeohyphomycosis twice

544 -RJXN- has an extra semicolon

549 S2 of -LMḐN- should read "(Sagenista, including Labyrinthulomycetes and Eogyrea; several genera)"

552 -RMT- is partially missing stems

553 -ŇŠKL- is partially missing its stems

556 -LMŠ- is shared between "fusobacteria" and "other bacteria 1"

557 S2 of -RŠTY- includes a number as part of the genus

557 S2 of -LFMW- should have HSV-1 instead of HHV-1

557 S1 of -LFMY- should have papiine betaherpesvirus 3/4 instead of panine betaherpesvirus 3/4

558 -RŠTF- has a typo in Cressdnaviricota

561 -RJXN- has a typo in spotted orthotospovirus

563 -PSFR- has a typo in virus

564 -FŠTM- has a typo in Virtovirus

Affixes 0.7.5[edit | edit source]

006 DCD hasn't been updated re: the split of Obviative (it also still uses the term "PRA")

011 TD2/6 should be "for a few months"

012 STT degrees 4 and 6 can be removed to have degrees 1 and 9 be ereyesterday and overmorrow

014 CYC/CYL recurrence affixes are not needed because FQC/FQL can be used without a number to imply 1

75/110 the KBP and ENS affixes share the same value

082 IEC has redundant specifications when interpreted as a root

084 TCT doesn't have a Cs value

104 NCD and NCE are not updated with Agglomerative perspective

107 the section name above PG1 has a typo in Differentiation

110 OBN/6 is not pluralized

115 MZE/4 has a typo in Triassic

122 KIN is a geminate form, leading to confusion with Ca

Phonotaxis[edit | edit source]

  • ç should be an non-sibilant fricative, and it was instead misclassified as a sibilant fricative.
  • ç is placed in the wrong position of the table PHONEMIC INVENTORY
  • some prohibited conjuncts in sec. 2.9. lack preceding asterisks
  • there is a stray ň above section 11
  • çç, ļļ, ţţ are valid roots

Lexical gaps[edit | edit source]

Roots[edit | edit source]

  • a note should be made to conjugate pluralia tantum like scissors with DPX instead of noting individual roots
  • mortar, pestle, stirrer, pipette, eyedropper, baster
  • eyeshadow/eyeliner, mascara, rouge, lipstick/gloss/liner
  • Artiopod (trilobite), Megacheira (great appendage arthropod), other extinct Arthropod (e.g. Dinocaridid)
  • igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rock
  • plant fiber, thatching/wicker, rope
  • stalagtite/stalagmite (ice, brine)
  • volcano, geothermal vent, hot spring
  • cumuliform/stratiform/cirriform cloud (stems concatenate for distinctions like stratocumulus, cirrocumulus, and cirrostratus; nimbus clouds have a tall/multilevel shape, alto clouds are in the middle of the troposphere)
  • caramel, molasses, toffee
  • bite (front of mouth), chew (back of mouth)/masticate, swallow
  • gelatin/gel/foam/emulsion/colloid
  • tape, bandage, gauze, dressing
  • blanket/quilt/tarp/mesh/net
  • pile carpet/mat/rug
  • pillow/cushion/trampoline
  • rag/mop/towel
  • transistor, diode, LED
  • lever, spring, crank, roller chain, sprocket, worm gear, Archimedes' screw
  • segway/self-balancing scooter/oneway/dicycle
  • dolly/barrow/hand truck, pallet truck, garage creeper, snowplow, snowblower
  • pion, kaon, rho meson, eta meson, D-meson, B-meson, omega meson, phi meson, psion, upsilon meson, theta meson
  • cape
  • rest (as in, recover from tiredness without sleeping)
  • Aotidae (night monkeys), Pitheciidae (titis, sakis, uakaris), Atelidae (howler monkeys, spider monkeys, muriquis, woolly monkeys)
  • Boselaphus (nilgai), Tetracerus (four-horned antelope)
  • Scotocerca (streaked scrub warbler), Erythrocercus (yellow flycatchers)

Affixes[edit | edit source]

  • degree of stretchiness/tightness/looseness/bagginess
  • because CNM/8 is a redundant form of the PAR case accessor