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Baner Pyran  St Piran's Flag
Baner Kernow  The Cornish Flag

Asran Gernowek
The Department of Cornish


Dynnargh dhe'n Asran Gernowek war Wikiversity, radn a'n Gresen rag Desky Yethow Estrednek e'n Scol a Yeth ha Lien

Welcome to the Cornish Language Department at Wikiversity
Part of the Center for Foreign Language Learning
of the School of Language and Literature


Kernowek The Cornish Language

Obma Kernow
This is Cornwall

Cornish is a Brythonic language belonging to the branch of Celtic spoken over most of Britain from prehistoric times until the Saxon invasions (c450-700 CE). It is closely related to Breton (Brittany:Breizh) and Welsh (Wales:Cymru) and more distantly to the other surviving Celtic languages, Scots, Irish and Manx Gaelic (Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man) (The Goidelic group).

Cornish went out of use as a community language during the Eighteenth Century, but was revived in the Twentieth Century and is now know to some extent by perhaps 3,000 people, of whom perhaps 500 speak it fluently. Apart from Cornwall, Cornish speakers are found wherever Cornish people have settled abroad, especially in parts of Australia (e.g. Moonta) and North America (e.g. Michigan).

Department news

  • 2nd November 2007 - Cornish Department Founded

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To show your interest in the Cornish Language, sign up at the Cornish stream. This will provide a record of who is learning Cornish, so you can see who else out there speaks Cornish and can speak to them.


If you want to teach, please sign up at the Cornish stream.

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