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Welcome to the Department of Latin

The objective of this department is to teach Latin.

Primo quidem non obtinuit, convertimini et venite. Quod Romae cum Romanis.

Laws of the department[edit]

  • Students please write your name in the student section
  • Teachers please write your name in the teacher section
  • DO NOT deface the department in any way
  • Help the department grow!!!
  • BE BOLD!!


  1. Latin introduction (Latin 1)
  2. Latin as used in English (Latin 2)
  3. Caesar's chronicles (Latin 3)
  4. Latin conversations (Latin 4)

Plans for the department[edit]

Future plans for the department include the creation of Latin 1,2,3,4. The current course is Latin 1.


Katherine Walker, Glenmark Villanueva, Aidan Karl Athendorus Devaney, Geethanjana Wanigasekara, Charles Fisher, Davinder K Joan E, Lisbeth L. Annalisa O.D.


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