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"Transforming growth factor beta (TGFβ) is implicated in the regulation of smooth muscle cell (SMC) differentiation. [A] novel TGFβ control element (TCE) [occurs] in the promoters of SMC differentiation marker genes including α SM actin and SM22α."[1]

The "promoters of multiple other SMC differentiation marker genes including SM22α and SM-MHC were also found to contain similar TCE regions [11]."[1]

The "α SM actin CArG element (CArG A) was required in combination with the TCE to coordinately regulate TGFβ-induced α SM actin expression in cultured cells [11]."[1]

Consensus sequences[edit | edit source]

The consensus sequence for the TCE in mouse and rat is 5'-GAGTGGGGCG-3' (-117) within the SM22α promoter which extends from -450 to +65 and includes two CArG transcription factors upstream of the TCE.[1]

In mouse and rat SM22α promoters there are 14 nts between the nearest upstream CArG and the TCE, specifically 5'-AGCCTGTGTGGAGT-3'.[1]

"The sequence of the TCE in the human c-myc promoter is [5'-GCGTGGGGGA-3']."[2]

The "TGF-β inhibitory element (TIE [5'-GAGTGGTGA-3']) [is] in the rat transin/stromelysin promoter(12)."[2]

"Robbins et al. (18) have reported that expression of pRB in mouse fibroblasts suppresses transcription of c-fos and have identified an element, termed the retinoblastoma control element (RCE), in the c-fos promoter necessary for this suppression. More recently, sequences homologous to the RCE have been identified in the TGF-β1, -β2, and -β3 promoters by Kim et al. (19)."[2]

"Kim et al. (19) also reported that sequences similar to the RCE are present in the human c-myc promoter".[2]

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