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Plant Sciences covers a wide range of scientific disciplines that study the structure, growth, reproduction, metabolism, development, diseases, ecology, and evolution of plants. The School of Plant Sciences works closely with the Wikiversity School of Agriculture.

Active participants[edit]

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  • SB_Johnny | talk: Happy to help, my background is in horticulture and agriculture.
  • Charley Quinton | talk: I am bioneer working on urban planning initiatives geared toward sustainability and ecoscience. I am particularly interested in urban agriculture, aquaculture, plant and soil science, biophysics, urban microtransport systems – thus a new eco-logistical model for developing and re-develping both urban and rural economies.

Inactive participants[edit]

  • alettaka | talk: I have studied plant breeding and molecular plant virology, and am willing to help.
  • sonicbiology | talk: I am interested in plantlore, especially the medicinal uses of plants. My knowledge base includes a few medicinal plants of Guatemala and the US, a few food plants of the US, and a little botany, as well as a summer of experience on a natural farm.
  • -User:Wikicollege creator DS07 this is really Pika64eBay! This is just a pseudenoym!
  • User:Pika64eBay Hey yo! I'm back! I am intrested very much canrivorous plants (examples: Venus's Fly Trap, Sundew)
  • Trinity507 - my field of interest/some knowledge is ethnobotany, but I'd like to learn more about plants in general. I also do a lot of "practical horticulture", a.k.a. gardening. :-) I founded the ethnobotany department in the School of Ethnology. It's an interdisciplinary subject so I'll link a lot of the resources here.

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