Plant movements

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Movement in plants[edit | edit source]

The plants are fixed at a place with their roots in the ground , so they cannot move from one place to another.That is plants cannot show locomotion ( movement of the entire body). But plants can move their individual parts .

The two types of plant movements are :- 1.) Tropic movements 2.) Nastic movements

Tropic movements[edit | edit source]

The growth movement in plants in which the direction of the external stimulus is a factor is known as Tropic movements .

  • .) the growth movement towards the direction of stimulus is known as positive tropism .
  • .)the growth movement away from the direction of stimulus is known as negative tropism.

ex:- Bending of shoot towards sunlight is a Positive Tropic movement

  • Types of tropism - Stimulus
  • 1.Hydro tropism - Water
  • 2.Photo tropism - Light
  • 3.Chemo tropism - Chemical
  • 4.Thigmo tropism - Touch
  • 5.Geo tropism - Gravity

Nastic movements[edit | edit source]

Non growth movements of a plant where the external stimulus is not the determinant is know as nastic movements.

ex:- Closing of leaves of the Touch-me-Not plant is a nastic movement.