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"Although the first five bases of the conserved sequence are identical to the first five bases of the Pribnow box (TATAA), the sixth base of the Pribnow box is a 100 per cent conserved T (refs 15-17) while the 100 per cent conserved A found here is actually more similar to eukaryotic promoter sequences20."[1]

"Two domains upstream of the start site of transcription have been identified for which a consensus sequence has been formulated(1-5). These domains are the -35 sequence (5'-T-T-G-A-C-A) and the Pribnow box (5'-T-A-T-A-A-T) in the -10 region. Both domains are in close contact with the RNA polymerase during initiation of RNAsynthesis (2,6)."[2]

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