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It "is likely that the present OsDREBL may preferably bind to other elements such as the ethylene responsive element GCC box (AGCCGCC), rather than the CRT/DREB box (TACCGACAT), since the two boxes were very similar."[1]

"Based on DNA-binding data, this group [one AP2/ERF domain only] has been subdivided into dehydration-responsive element-binding (DREB)-like proteins, which interact with the dehydration-responsive, or cold-repeat, element (consensus sequence TACCGACAT) (Liu et al. 1998; Stockinger et al. 1997) and the EREBP-like (ethylene responsive element binding protein) proteins binding the GCC box (consensus sequence AGCCGCC) (Ohme-Takagi and Shinshi 1995; Sakuma et al. 2002)."[2]


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  1. A1BG is not transcribed by a DREB box transcription factor.

DREB box sampling of A1BG promoters

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Consensus sequence for the dehydration-responsive element-binding (DREB) box is 3'-TACCGACAT-5'.

For the Basic programs (starting with SuccessablesDREB.bas) written to compare nucleotide sequences with the sequences on either the template strand (-), or coding strand (+), of the DNA, in the negative direction (-), or the positive direction (+), the programs are, are looking for, and found:

  1. negative strand in the negative direction (from ZSCAN22 to A1BG) is SuccessablesDREB--.bas, looking for 3'-TACCGACAT-5', 0,
  2. negative strand in the positive direction (from ZNF497 to A1BG) is SuccessablesDREB-+.bas, looking for 3'-TACCGACAT-5', 0,
  3. positive strand in the negative direction is SuccessablesDREB+-.bas, looking for 3'-TACCGACAT-5', 0,
  4. positive strand in the positive direction is SuccessablesDREB++.bas, looking for 3'-TACCGACAT-5', 0,
  5. complement, negative strand, negative direction is SuccessablesDREBc--.bas, looking for 3'-ATGGCTGTA-5', 0,
  6. complement, negative strand, positive direction is SuccessablesDREBc-+.bas, looking for 3'-ATGGCTGTA-5', 0,
  7. complement, positive strand, negative direction is SuccessablesDREBc+-.bas, looking for 3'-ATGGCTGTA-5', 0,
  8. complement, positive strand, positive direction is SuccessablesDREBc++.bas, looking for 3'-ATGGCTGTA-5', 0,
  9. inverse complement, negative strand, negative direction is SuccessablesDREBci--.bas, looking for 3'-ATGTCGGTA-5', 0,
  10. inverse complement, negative strand, positive direction is SuccessablesDREBci-+.bas, looking for 3'-ATGTCGGTA-5', 0,
  11. inverse complement, positive strand, negative direction is SuccessablesDREBci+-.bas, looking for 3'-ATGTCGGTA-5', 0,
  12. inverse complement, positive strand, positive direction is SuccessablesDREBci++.bas, looking for 3'-ATGTCGGTA-5', 0,
  13. inverse, negative strand, negative direction, is SuccessablesDREBi--.bas, looking for 3'-TACAGCCAT-5', 0,
  14. inverse, negative strand, positive direction, is SuccessablesDREBi-+.bas, looking for 3'-TACAGCCAT-5', 0,
  15. inverse, positive strand, negative direction, is SuccessablesDREBi+-.bas, looking for 3'-TACAGCCAT-5', 0,
  16. inverse, positive strand, positive direction, is SuccessablesDREBi++.bas, looking for 3'-TACAGCCAT-5', 0.

Increasing the number of nts from A1BG to ZNF497 from 958 to 4445 has yielded no DREB boxes.


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Per the sampling above hypothesis 1 is true. Further, no homologs or orthologs are known in Homo sapiens.

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