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Undertaken by Jaclyn Squizzato, Vanessa Haddock and Chris Cormier at the Azrieli School of Architecture at Carleton University, Catalogue 22 aims to provide a database of student work to further communication between the Masters, Bachelors and PhD programs.

The goal of the database is to provide a searchable platform where designer, location, project status and date of project completion can easily be researched. By creating a map of the projects Catalogue 22 also hopes to reduce ‘Site Analysis’ times, and encourage dialogue between students who share project sites. We also hope that this platform will be used by students in the Bachelors, to discover common themes between their work and the Masters / PhD research.

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Projects By Location

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Projects By Name

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Project Name Designer Status
Aboriginal Lounge Jessica Hickling Unbuilt
Artist Exploration Sammy Benalia Built
Belly of the Beast Vanessa Haddock, Adam Hatch, Jeffrey Martin Unbuilt
Book Art Jessica Hickling Unbuilt
Bookstore Amanda Thomas Unbuilt
Canadian Cuisine Library Jessica Hickling Unbuilt
Carleton Gardens Jaclyn Squizzato, Amir Charmchi Unbuilt
Casa Kike Analysis Megan Beange Built
City Road Basin Boat Club & Community Center Vanessa Haddock Unbuilt
C.N.S.C. Field Station Chris Cormier Unbuilt
Confederation Park Stair Jaclyn Squizzato Unbuilt
Coracle Boat House Jaclyn Squizzato Unbuilt
Crystal and Flame Associate Professor Manuel A. Báez Unbuilt
Culinary Institue - S.Wolba Stephen Wolba Unbuilt
Culinary Institute - M. Beange Megan Beange Unbuilt
Culinary Institute - N. Petricca Natalie Petricca Unbuilt
Culinary Institue - J. Squizzato Jaclyn Squizzato Unbuilt
Culinary Institue - J. Hickling Jessica Hickling Unbuilt
Cultural Centre for Immigration - Slow City Jaclyn Squizzato Unbuilt
Cultural Media + Arts Center Vanessa Haddock, Cassandra Kotva Unbuilt
De Menil Residence Study Jessica Hickling Unbuilt
Descending the Landscape Natalie Petricca Unbuilt
Dharavi Slum Warren Borg Built
Dinner By the River Jessica Hickling Built
Dinner in the Park Megan Beange Built
Dinner is Served Pavilion Jaclyn Squizzato, Stephen Wolba, Tim Brazeau, Hailey Weatherbee, Haemi Cho, Henry Gao Built
Eastern White Pine Pavilion Design Natalie Petricca Unbuilt
Film Institute Stephan Wolba Unbuilt
Form-Z Modeling Jaclyn Squizzato Unbuilt
Glowing Stacks - Bookstore Stephan Wolba Unbuilt
Housing Development Natalie Petricca Unbuilt
Housing Development - M. Beange Megan Beange Unbuilt
Interns on the Roof Natalie Petricca Unbuilt
Lightbox Keogh & Fyfe-Loose Unbuilt
Light Design Stephen Wolba Built
Mobile Hand Reece Milton Built
Ochredata Chris Cormier and Vanessa Haddock Unbuilt
Pavilion For Conversation Jaclyn Squizzato, Natalie Petricca Built
Reading Room - Introduction to Architectural Technology Jaclyn Squizzato Built
Rotating Tower Jaclyn Squizzato Unbuilt
San Gimigiano Tower - J. Squizzato Jaclyn Squizzato Unbuilt
San Gimigiano Tower - S. Wolba Stephen Wolba Unbuilt
San Gimignano Tower - J. Hickling Jessica Hickling Unbuilt
Shelt-a-Wé, a shelter away from home Warren Borg Built
Site Office - A. Thomas Amanda Thomas Unbuilt
Smith House Plan Jaclyn Squizzato Unbuilt
Solar Decathalon - A. Thomas Amanda Thomas Unbuilt
The Elephant and the Butterfly Chris Cormier, Chrissy Taylor and Jessica Hickling Unbuilt
The Hub Renovation Jessica Hickling Built
Tlicho Government Office Building Warren Borg Unbuilt
Un City Center Vanessa Haddock & Sarah McMurtry Unbuilt
UN-BUILDING A VISION Chris Cormier Unbuilt
Unité d'habitation Vanessa Haddock Unbuilt
Urban Boite Amanda Thomas Unbuilt
Urban Cinema - A.Thomas Amanda Thomas Unbuilt
Urban Cinema - J. Hickling Jessica Hickling Unbuilt
Wrapping Pavilion Munira Karimjee, Dominika Kinowska, Hanson Mak, Anil Ozen, Kenneth Peray, Amanda Thomas Built